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the interesting menus in Panajachel

In the evening we had dinner in Panajachel in a restaurant overlooking the lake. The biggest attraction here was the menu - brilliant how the Spanish menu has been translated into English. My favourites were Chiken Frait (fried chicken), Chiken in a Barbacu (grilled chicken) and Srimp Special White Bacon Frait Oliva (or rather, shrimp wrapped in bacon, fried in olive oil).

Unfortunately the food wasn’t as enjoyable as the menu. Or rather, I guess it would be good, if not for the pork chop on my plate which tasted and smelled as if it had gone off. That’s not entirely surprising of course, the way meat is usually sold at markets, un-refrigerated lying in the open sun, it is always possible it can go off if it lies outside for too long. But the smell ruined my appetite, so the rice and French fries didn’t taste very well anymore either. Robbel on the other hand had some fried chicken which was excellent.
When the waiter came and asked us if everything was ok, I told him about the meat and let him smell it. He assured me that there was nothing wrong with the smell and the meat was good. Well, fine, but I’m not eating it anyway.

Five minutes later he comes back from the kitchen asking me if I want something else, chicken perhaps? I really liked that. First he said nothing was wrong with the food, and perhaps in his eyes that was true, but still he offered me something else. I couldn’t help but wonder what would have happened had this been in Mexico. And the chicken he served was a delicious grilled chicken - yummie!

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the interesting menus in Panajachel
the interesting menus in Panajachel
photo by: Biedjee