Day 34: Cancún - Playa del Carmen - Chetumal - Belize City (2)

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Once we reached Chetumal we were finally able to have some breakfast, or brunch. We went to the same place where Robbel and I had had breakfast two days earlier.

At the bus station we were met by a guy who collected our car keys, and would drive the car back to Mérida that very same day. Imagine having that job - taking a four hour bus to pick up a car, and driving back the same day.

We had bought the bus tickets for Belize when we were here earlier this week, so less than half an hour later we were going through immigrations at the Mexican-Belize border. Our dad had arrived less than 20 hours ago, and was already about to enter a new country. On the contrary I had been here five weeks and only now was I crossing my first border - with 6 more to go in the next 8 weeks.

My final thoughts of Mexico? What can I say. If I am completely honest the country disappointed a bit, especially when compared to my previous trip to this country. And it is not the natural environment or the history, but the people were getting on my nerves after a while. It's not that they are not nice, far from it, most of the people we met outside the hotel/restaurant/shop/taxi cycle were actually very nice and friendly. But it is something with the mentality that just bugged me. Most of the people we met didn't seem particularly happy with their lives, but neither did they seem to have any urge to change that. As if they just don't care.

And the closer we got to Cancún, the worse it got, it seemed. Four years ago when I travelled through central Mexico this hadn't really bothered me, so it is either a regional thing, or perhaps I have changed in this time.

Nonetheless I highly recommend anyone to do the Routa Maya some time. And as much as I had to admit it, Cancún is probably the base to do this from. Though rather than staying in your hotel for three weeks I'd definitely recommend doing a loop which encompasses Chiapas and possibly also Guatemala and Belize. Having your own set of wheels around the Yucatán peninsula also proved a real bonus, as it enables you to visit some of the more remote sites, like Calakmul.

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photo by: Vlindeke