Day 34: Cancún - Playa del Carmen - Chetumal - Belize City (1)

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My poor dad. He comes to visit us on our travels and his first day he has to get up at 5! Hey, we lost a day picking him up, so we had to make up for that. And besides, when you have a jetlag you wake up early anyway

We drove straight to Chetumal, this time taking the coastal road. I must say that along the coast, south of Cancún there were many places which did look like fun. This certainly softened my negative image of Cancún as a holiday destination, but I still don't think I will be going back here soon.

We passed the city of Playa del Carmen, a city which has a special meaning for me. Seven years ago I was to go to Playa del Carmen for a six-month internship. That internship got cancelled two weeks before departure (economical crisis in Mexico) and I ended up in England instead. Because I had been snubbed of my internship to Mexico the country had always remained a dream destination for me. So that is why I came with the idea to travel to Mexico, four years ago. From Mexico I went to South America and a two-month trip turned in a journey which lasted almost two years. How different would my life have looked like if that internship hadn't been cancelled? Would I still have travelled to Mexico in '99? I doubt so, and if I wouldn't have gone to Mexico, would I have gone to South American then?

I always like those little 'what if?' ideas. I can't imagine what my life would have looked like if that internship had not been cancelled, but I am sure it would have been pretty different. In hindsight I'm quite happy with the way things turned out though.

Upon seeing Playa del Carmen I wasn't overwhelmed with a feeling of “oh, how I wished I had lived here”.

No, it was rather that we were made aware that it would be impossible to have breakfast - Mexican style! (“the chef is not in, and we don't know when he will arrive..." goodbye!”). And the rest of the village was closed, so half an hour later we continued our trip, nibbling on some biscuits to stop the hunger.

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