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Tuxtla Gutiérrez cathedral

Did I say 14 hours? Less than 9 hours later it was announced that we had arrived and we were chucked out of the bus. It was only 6 in the morning!

Groggily we sat at the bus station... now what?

We had phoned ahead from Puerto Ángel to book a room in a hostel (after the problems with getting a room in Puerto Ángel we had decided to always book a few days ahead from now on, at least during the holidays) but would we be able to check in at 6 in the morning?

Our hostel was within walking distance of the bus station, and we were lucky, we could check in already. As it was way too early for any human being to be out, we decided to jump into our comfortable beds and have some more kip.

Around 10 o'clock we were rudely awakened from our sleep, and neither of us felt particularly good. Three nights in a row of little or poor sleep, (two night buses and New Year's Eve in between) combined with a sumptuous alcohol consumption and often, uhm, 'interesting' food - the human body is not designed for that.

Neither of us felt particularly fit and we were both suffering from diarrhoea. It is said that you haven't experienced Mexico without a bout of Montezuma's Revenge, as traveller's diarrhoea is nicknamed here, so we weren't particularly worried. But it didn't really make us feel like going out and doing stuff either.

But we got out of bed anyway. After all, we had gotten off the bus for a reason. We'd been the only tourists getting off this morning, whereas the rest of the people on the bus all continued on to San Cristóbal. By now we had noticed that the classic gringo trail ignores quite a few interesting places along the way, and after the good experiences in Puebla and Cholula we had decided we wanted to see as much as possible on our way west, and not have our itinerary dictated by the hordes.


But it was not Tuxtla Guttiérrez itself that had tickled out interest. Because, well, as a city I guess it deserves to be ignored. An ugly, concrete affair - even the cathedral seems made out of concrete and resembled a shed with towers. No we were here because we wanted to take a little trip.

patirkc_AAA says:
Tuxtla itself isn't great but I hear the night scene is decent.
Posted on: Dec 08, 2015
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Tuxtla Gutiérrez cathedral
Tuxtla Gutiérrez cathedral
Tuxtla Gutierrez
photo by: boicot