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Mexico City

The advantage of an intercontinental flight during the day is that you hardly have a jetlag when you arrive. After all, you arrive after a long day and go straight to bed when you arrive. OK, I woke up quite early in the morning, but that was more because of the noise in the reception area than my biological clock being used to the Dutch timezone.


I had planned to stay in Mexico City for a day or two before travelling to a friend of mine in Guadalajara, but this hotel was a little too noisy for my taste, so I cancelled the rest of my reservation and went out in search for a different hotel. I found one two blocks away for less than half the price, but in a much more comfortable (and quieter) room.

For the rest I didn't do much interesting during the day. I walked a bit around the centre, but frankly I wasn't all that interested. I had been to Mexico City twice during my first trip four years ago, and besides, next week I'd be back here with my sister, so I'd much rather do the actual sightseeing then.

In the afternoon I escaped the heat, not by having a siesta, but by going to the movies. I always love going to the cinema abroad, firstly because watching films is one of my biggest hobbies, but secondly to see the differences in audiences around the world. Mexico is a typical Latin American country with its well-known Mañana-Mañana culture. Everything and everybody is usually late. However, a film usually starts on time, so what do people do? They make sure everybody is on time! I arrived at the cinema half an hour before the film was supposed to start and there was already a long queue waiting outside. Quite unexpected, really.

ik-ben-10eke says:
Ah, nu weet ik eindelijk het geheim om jet lag te voorkomen :P
Posted on: Jun 12, 2009
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Mexico City
Mexico City