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The church put on a theatre performance with a message to say no to being sinful!

So the family we lived with was very religious. They went to church at least three times a week, which included excursions and events set up through their church group. i found their dedication really admirable, and i hope the two children end up as nice and hardworking as their parents. So far, it seems like they are on a great path.

Anyway, i added some photos of one of the Teatro performances the family and their church group put on for the community. The basic premise was to tell the community how bad sinning is, etc., you know, church stuff. Well, i thought it was really cool, and i wish communities in my country were closeknit like that.

So, one of my last funny stories has to do with the church group. About a week into our stay with the family, they asked us if we'd like to join them for the night.

Teatro. Carla is on the left.
Blake is Mr. Agnostic Anti-Organized Religion, so he said no at first, but i talked him into checking it out if only for the cultural experience.

i'll admit, it was long and boring and we couldn't understand what was going on when they spoke too quickly. But then, a couple of the volunteers came out with blindfolds. "What the hell?" i was thinking to myself. "What the hell?" Blake thought out loud. They ended up separating Blake and i because we were talking too much, haha. So here we are, sitting next to strangers, separated from each other in a room full of about 30 "church people" as we described them, and then everyone started getting blindfolded. i asked the girl next to me what was going on and she told me "Shhh! Silencio!"

OK, well, i'm pretty confused at this point.

Teatro. You can see Felix and Don Filemon.
They blindfold me and finally finish blindfolding everyone as we all sit in complete silence and darkness. Then we can smell some of those holy candles burning and some song starts up in Spanish: "Amigo, cuando necesitas una mano..." i keep wondering to myself what is going on and trying to understand the words to the song. "Porque te amoooooooooo! Amiiiiiigoooo!" OK, now this song is annoying, when can i take the blindfold off?

Well, after replaying the song again, a woman's soft voice began to speak. It was really soothing, but i couldn't understand her very well. i kind of got the jist of what she was saying as she kept repeating to picture the two people you love the most in your mind. i was thinking about my Mom and Dad. i hadn't seen them for a couple weeks obviously, so i missed them.

This is the family i lived with. Nicest family on Earth. i love them more than life itself. They did so much for me!
i started thinking about one an x-girlfriend, but i decided she didn't really love me, haha. "Imagine two people you love, but they love you so much more," the soft voice was whispering now. Yeah, that had to be my parents, right? Do i get to answer or something? When can i take the blindfold off? Haha.

Well, as thoughts were going through my head a warm hand grabbed mine. It was soft and felt like a woman's. "Venga," she whispered. "Venga conmigo." Well, i followed her for what was longer than i expected. She led me up a flight of stairs and then in a few different directions. i had absolutely no idea where i was going, who i was with or what was going on.

After a couple minutes of being guided through this complete darkness, we stopped and she let go of my hand.

There's me joining the family for dinner. (Maybe it was lunch, i don't remember, ha!)
"Um, hey," i said, "No hablo espanol muy bien." She took off my blindfold and i saw her face for the first time. She was smiling whole heartedly -- a young girl with deep brown eyes and full lips. "Esta bien," she laughed, "Hay dos personas que hablan todos idiomas."

With that she grabbed my hand and led me through a curtain i was standing right next to. She walked out of the tiny, closet-sized space and shut the curtain behind her. In front of me was a beautiful, glowing picture of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary. Their eyes seemed very concerned and aware of my presence and as if they knew exactly what i was thinking. At the time i was thinking "Oh yeah, i'm in a church i should have known these were the two people they were talking about, not Mom and Dad.

I just got home from work, so i looked a little scruffy :)

But that quickly turned into a flashback to the last 10 minutes: My blindfolded journey, hanging onto the hand of a person i could not see, walking through a setting i did not see nor understand, being led to a place i could not fathom. No matter how hard i had tried to guess what was going on, i never understood until i got there, until i looked at these two people who looked back at me. My eyes started to tear up. i think it hit me a little harder considering my situation. i really was on a blind journey, and i really didn't know what to expect next. Everything really was a sombering surprise.

Well, the girl returned and put the blindfold back over my eyes. i was kind of glad since my eyes were kind of watery, haha. She led me back and sat me down to ponder the moment i guess. It lasted a while. There were still a lot more people to get through, i guess. So i relaxed and hoped we could leave soon. It was getting boring.

Then another person came and took my hand. It was a man this time. His hands were hard and blistered like a construction worker's. "Esta bien mi hijo," he whispered real softly -- almost dramatically -- as he led me a few feet forward and let go of my hand. i immediately heard snickering and waited about a minute before i peeked out my blindfold. I saw Felix and Dona Ana covering their mouths and giggling as Blake sat in his seat completely still with his blindfold over his eyes. i went over to him and poked his eyes, which actually made Dona Ana laugh out loud, causing a few parishioners to respond with a "Shhhh." Haha, he got me good that time. We all laughed for the rest of the night until we finally got to leave.

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The church put on a theatre perfor…
The church put on a theatre perfo…
Teatro. Carla is on the left.
Teatro. Carla is on the left.
Teatro. You can see Felix and Don …
Teatro. You can see Felix and Don…
This is the family i lived with. N…
This is the family i lived with. …
Theres me joining the family for …
There's me joining the family for…
I just got home from work, so i lo…
I just got home from work, so i l…
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