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Amado "Parra" welding.

So as all this awesome stuff is going in my life, there is also some lame stuff going on:

Blake and i had been friends since high school, but we weren't the type of friends that could hang out day after day after day. We would butt heads and get sick of each other too easily. i mentioned our first fight, which got a little physical. Well, throughout the days, the fighting continued. We would fight about the dumbest things, but we couldn't help it, we pushed each other's buttons. Blake would often simply not eat dinner with the family and i some nights. Other nights he would lock himself in his room and read a book while i stayed up dancing and hanging out with the neighbors. Then one night he just snapped.

i was at Adriana's house with Magaly and Blake. It was a Friday night, and we were planning to visit Arenal the next morning.

I miss you, Karen!! We called her Periquito, because she talked too much!!
We shared a liter of Patron, two bottles of wine and a bunch of 40 oz. Imperials (well, Magaly actually drank Pilsens, jaja). We were having the time of our lives watching World Cup matches and reruns of Step By Step in Spanish, jaja.

Somehow Blake and i got in a stupid argument. i was being really calm and not yelling like him, but i wasn't going to back down, because i've always got to be a bit stubborn about keeping my dignity. Well, Blake was yelling about crap, and the girls asked him to leave, so he went home and went to bed. An hour later, I called it a night and went to bed.

Well, 30 minutes after i go to bed, Blake wakes me up and tells me he's leaving. i was drunk and sleeping, so i said something like "Shut up, we'll talk about it in the morning." But he was like, "No, i'm leaving right now.

Another shot after two months!
I'm going back to Chicago." Well, this shot me up out of bed. Turns out, he was actually going to sneak out without telling me. He had packed his bag and started walking to the center of town, but Adriana and Magaly were still outside and saw him. They told him they wouldn't let him leave without telling me first. Now, he was telling me this (only because the girls made him), and he said there was nothing i could say to keep him in the country.

Well, this really upset me. "What do you think the family is going to think when they wake up and you're gone?" i asked him. "They're going to think it's they're fault. They'll think they're not accomodating enough or that they weren't good hosts. i don't want them to think that. You're the one that's not right, it's not their fault. Just show some respect and wait until the morning to leave.

Volunteers with Luis (at left) and what is today Luis' new house (in background).
" He disagreed and started walking out of the house. i started yelling this time. i yelled at him so loud that i woke up the family. They came to see what the matter was, and i let him explain it for himself. Magaly and Adriana also met with us outside to plead with him to at least wait until morning. We lived far from the center of town, and it wouldn't be a safe walk at night. But after failing to persuade us to his ridiculous opinion, he just turned around and started walking. i walked alongside him for a minute, but he was being such a d-bag, i said forget it.

He never came back. i postponed my trip to Arenal and spent the weekend hanging out with the family's church group. Italy won the World Cup. I went to the birthplace of Don Pepe. I played Scrabble with the kids. But Blake never came back.

Hot English teacher! Haha, the students wanted to hook me up with her, but she was married! Some other volunteers and i helped out with some constuction work at this school in Piedades Norte.
He didn't even call to tell us he made it home OK. He made it home OK, by the way.

Well, it just so happened that new volunteers arrived that Monday. Blake was replaced by Danica (that might be spelled wrong), Lisa, Francois and Katarina. These people were all very cool and very unique. Danica was an economics professor, and he ended up being a good mentor for me -- a good role model for me to look up to. Francois ended up being really cool, but we had conflicting personalities, so i knew we couldn't spend more than a weekend traveling together ;) Everyone was cool. Everyone is cool. Life is what you make it. Pura vida.

Blake leaving ended up being a blessing in disguise. i had no one to speak English with at the house, so i began perfecting my Spanish. i had to work really hard to translate my feelings.

Kids at school. Can't wait to go back and see how much they've grown up! I used to play sports with them at recess. It was the girls and i vs. the boys. We rocked at basketball, but the kids had way better footwork than i when we played soccer.
And without a friend to fall back on, i became more outgoing and made a lot of friends. i hitchhiked with four girls from the neighborhood all the way to the city of Liberia to go to a Calle 13 concert. i went to San Jose by myself and instantly made friends. i went to Nicoya with Francois for Guanacaste's Indepence Day celebrations. We ended up meeting and going out with President Arias' press secretary, public relations committee and bodyguards (although i never got to meet the president in person)! That never would have happened had Blake stayed. Maybe something else cool would have happened, but not that.

Maybe i'll write about all of those stories and more later in this blog, but i'm ready to end it soon. Writing this out is more time consuming than experiencing it! i'll add one more post about Costa Rica's holiest day, Dia de La Virgin de Los Angeles!

Oh, and once Luis had to go back to the work, we started helping out working at a medical clinic and at an elementary school in Piedades Norte. Again, a lot of stories, but no time to type them all out.

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Amado Parra welding.
Amado "Parra" welding.
I miss you, Karen!! We called her …
I miss you, Karen!! We called her…
Another shot after two months!
Another shot after two months!
Volunteers with Luis (at left) and…
Volunteers with Luis (at left) an…
Hot English teacher! Haha, the stu…
Hot English teacher! Haha, the st…
Kids at school. Cant wait to go b…
Kids at school. Can't wait to go …
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