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Felix graduates from DARE! Good job, Felix! He was my "little brother" since i lived with a family.

It took me a while to figure out what the hell the family was talking about when they were telling me how Felix was graduating from D.A.R.E. In Spanish, it's pronounced "Dah-ray." Although they pronounce it technically how it looks in Spanish (Da Rey), i'm like "He's graduating from 'give king'? 'Give king' what? i don't get it!" So we didn't understand until we got there. Then we saw all the kids in the DARE shirts, and the answer was obvious. Felix had already told his friends about the "norteamericanos" that were living with him, so they all lined up to talk to us. Most of them called us "gringos" or "extranjeros" instead though, which would have been more offensive were it not coming from children.

Anyway, Felix was the happiest kid on Earth for us to witness this moment.

Can you believe the school put on this elaborate performance for a DARE graduation!!!
Blake and i thought it was so funny, because here in the States we hated DARE classes so much. But these kids were all really excited. It was important to them. So that was good. It seemed the children were much more behaved and happy to learn there than they are here, but i was always a troublemaker kind of kid, so what do i know?

But this graduation was definitely much more extravagant than any DARE graduation i ever attended. When i graduated from DARE, i received a blue ribbon and a pat on the head. This graduation was different.

The principal of the school spoke about how important it is that students learn to stay out of trouble as early as possible. The DARE officer came and said the same. He also added that he hoped all the children would grow up to help make the world a better, safer place.

i thought that was pretty cool. But then there was more! Next thing i knew, a bunch of younger kids came in traditional costumes and started dancing their little hearts out! It was amazing! Boys and girls dressed in white with little top hats and elaborate dresses flying all over the place. This was a DARE graduation? All this for DARE? i could have sworn it was Christmas! Wow!

See the photos for yourselves, it was really cool. Felix also had me take a photo with him and the officer, which is now hanging proudly in his living room!

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Felix graduates from DARE! Good jo…
Felix graduates from DARE! Good j…
Can you believe the school put on …
Can you believe the school put on…
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