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That was our "chill spot" where we would eat lunch. There was a cool breeze that always seemed to hit that area.

Haha, a lot of my best stories involve bugs. This one starts at the job site, but ends at the house i lived at. It's a long story, but it's funny:

Every day while Blake and i would eat lunch during a break from working, Andres (the 19-year-old from the neighborhood that helped us out) would throw rocks at a tree. Blake and i just figured he was trying to hit the tree and never thought much of it. We preferred relaxing in the shade, so we never got up to join him. But one day, we decided we would show him just how good of arms we had, haha. We joined in and started counting how many times we hit the tree, which was about 50 meters down the slope of the mountain. But he told us he wasn't hitting the tree. He was hitting something hanging off one of the branches -- an "avispero," he told us.

It was a beautiful view for work. Try to find the tree with the avispero, haha.
It was pretty far away, so we couldn't see it very well.

"Que es un avispero?" i asked him. He explained it to me a couple times, but Blake and i didn't really understand. All we got out of his explanations was that it was some type of extension off the tree that holds "avispas."

"Do you get what he's talking about?" i asked Blake. "No," he said, "Maybe it's a pinata filled with candy or something." Haha, he was joking, of course, but we had no idea what the thing was. So we continued to try to hit the avispero. It was hard. We hit the tree a lot, but the avispero was pretty tiny. We kept trying for days from then on.

A couple days later, i remember Blake was finishing a piece of watermelon after lunch and he saw a good sized rock -- about the size of a baseball.

Again, hauling gravel is fun and not fun at the same time.
"Oh, i want to use that one," i told him, "I have a better arm." But he didn't let me. He took a clean step and chucked the rock at the avispero. It was a beautiful throw. It hit it right near the top, and the avispero fell completely off the branch and splattered (or, more like crunched kind of) onto the ground. Blake raised his hand up, and i gave him a high-five as we laughed and turned to Andres.

But Andres wasn't laughing. His eyes were big and his mouth was wide open like he just saw a ghost. Then Andres dropped flat to the ground, immediately covering his ears and head with his arms. Blake and i didn't have time to think. We dropped to the ground and did the same thing. Seconds later we heard the giant, black wasps buzzing over our heads.

Karaoke night with family and neighbors!!
"Holy crap," i thought to myself. "Even the wasps here are three times bigger than in the U.S." i immediately realized the similarity between the words "avispa" and wasp and wished it had dawned on me days before, or that i had actually taken a second to look it up in the dictionary.

Thankfully, they passed us by and didn't harm us. We all felt pretty bad about destroying their nest. Andres later told us that they're really territorial, they sting really hard and they draw a lot of blood out of you when they sting. We all had a good laugh afterward, but i'm never throwing rocks at an unknown object again!

Later that day Dona Ana invited a few girls from the neighborhood to come over and sing karaoke at the house. The girls made Blake and i sing Chiquitica by Abba, because it was the only song in English on the cd.

Karaoke night turned into salsa night!!! Don~a Ana and i had some good moves!
What a terrible song, i'm never singing it again. i ended up singing some song called Besame Mucho pretty well. i thought it would be the song of the same title by The Beatles, but it was a completely different song with completely different words and rhythm.

After karaoke, everyone was still wide awake, so we decided to put on some salsa music and dance. Haha, it was a lot of fun, but then a swarm of big, black bugs came into the house. They weren't as big as the avispas, but i had never seen them before, so they startled me. "Oh no," said one of the girls, "Abejones!" i made like earlier in the day and immediately dropped to the floor covering my head. Wow, did that get everyone laughing. Although i figured an "abejon" would be a giant bee, since "abeja" is "bee" and "on" at the end of the word means "big," an abejon is just a harmless flying beetle. This didn't help me prove to the kids that i wasn't a wimp, even after i went and grabbed one and said "Mira, no tengo miedo!" i have rarely heard a group of people laugh harder in my life. i couldn't help but laugh myself, although i was unfortunately at the butt of the joke! i ended up dating one of the neighbors while i was down there, and she still jokes about the abejones when i call her now!

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That was our chill spot where we…
That was our "chill spot" where w…
It was a beautiful view for work. …
It was a beautiful view for work.…
Again, hauling gravel is fun and n…
Again, hauling gravel is fun and …
Karaoke night with family and neig…
Karaoke night with family and nei…
Karaoke night turned into salsa ni…
Karaoke night turned into salsa n…
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