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Boarder at the top of the jump ready to rock and roll

Well, not quite.. November 3rd, 2007 the day we went to Esurance Icer Air 2007 in San Francisco was actually a breezy and yet pretty hot day in San Francisco.  Which made us sad because the snow was no where close to falling yet.

We drove to SF like always hyped up to see the booths, get our free lift ticket, and watch people compete.  We arrived in SF picked up cousin Joe since he lives so close to AT&T park, plus his kind heart let us park in his parking structure so that we wouldn't have to pay a fortune for parking.  So parked we did, we saw again his sad motorcycle that hadn't been on a ride in a long long long time, i think one of the lights are missing or something.

Here's a boarder getting ready for his big jump.. u go boy!!
  It's pretty janky right now, but I'm sure he could fix it up if he really wanted to.  Someday, somehow it will feel the cold San Francisco air upon it's motorcycle body once again.  All in cousins hands.  hehe.

We walked, making our way to the stadium, when sister realized she forgot her phone in the car.  No point in all of us taking the field trip back to the car so just her and cousin went since he had the garage opener.  I'm sure he just wanted to give her the opener to go herself but he's too nice to let her trek back on her own.  Few minutes passed, I started to feel the heat.. dammit, I took off my sweater and tied it around my waist, where it would remain for most of the day can you believe it.  It didn't feel so cold till the later part of the evening.

Here is a skiier landing after his crazy twisty turny jump.. Nice landing

We made it to the box office to purchase our entrance tickets to Icer Air, and so we entered. Four of us were then joined by a few others as the time passed.   We sat and watched, we walked and saw, we ate and drank.  Then we decided to make it over the the big parking lot where the vendors were located.. they called it the Village.  Well, isn't that the cutest.  Like this was a Snow Resort, yeah, I thought so.  So this is where we would be getting our free lift ticket and other free stuff.

Goodness gracious the line was long, what was the hold up, why was it taking so long.  We only hoped they weren't letting people in as others were exiting.  Lucky for us they were not.  The people allowing us to enter just took too long, and I think they were also searching bags and backpacks.

Just some fellow lovers of the sport on the field .. loving what I love ;)
  So we were in.. FINALLY!  We went straight to the line for the lift ticket, and free magazine subscriptions.  This line was also a time consuming process.  But yet fun for us because there were a few vendors set up on the side by the line so we were able to play games, and grab calendars and what not.  Sports Basement set up a little game where they had about 6 bindings attached to a wire gate and we tossed this rope thing toward it to try and get it on the binding.  It's harder than you think.  I only saw a few peoples win.  Someone a hat, free board/ski waxing.  Then my turn came up and it sorta kind of made it on a winning part but no such luck.  Then I of course made my sad face and a sad "Ahhhh, man" and the guy said "are u boarder or skiier" and I said "boarder".
Here's part of Icer Air 2007 group
  So nice of the guy he gave me a ticket for a free hot wax for my board.  So I smile and say "Thanks" Yay.. hmm.. pays off to look sad sometimes I guess.  ;) winks.

So we made it to the table where we were all filling out the subscription information, and once done with that they would punch our ticket to show that we had already obtained our free lift ticket.  All of us were talking simulatneously, asking which mags we were going to sign up for.  I think I just marked off all just for the fun of it, free is free, their loss if they only mark off 1 of the possible 4 or 5.

So after that was done we all tried staying together as a group, but yeah that doesn't work out so well.  We at least tried to stay in pairs, but then geez, I found myself without anyone.

. darnit.  So I leave my post (some snow resort I was looking at) to go and find someone.  I found the A sisters.  They were just around the corner.  One of them was playing the Bay Area Ski Bus game.  There is a wooden board hung up with 6 colored numbered buses.  6 players are given a number.  The game starts, they roll the dice and each time the dice is rolled whatever number it lands on their bus moves one space towards the finish line.  Woo hoo.. ate J won a half off ticket for the Bay Area Ski Bus.  Which is a pretty great idea to have.  Driving up to Tahoe is already crazy enough, nice to get to relax on the way up, watch movies (there are TV's on the bus), and we heard there are also snacks or breakfast.
Cousin Joe, sister Rena, me, and the A sisters, Alma & Jasmin
  So me and Alma try to play the game, this time were were not successful.  The win was stolen right from under our noses. =( Good game, good game.

We walked away from the loss with our heads held high. =)  More things to do, people to see.  So then a little bit more time passed.  We had pretty much seen it all, so we called up the rest of the group to inform them we would all like to return back to the stadium to watch the competition.  Back we were, we watched, we ooooooo-ed and ahhhhhhhhh-ed at almost every competitor.  Icer Air built a 100-foot high jump that extended from the top of the AT&T scoreboard to second base on the field.  So our reactions were intensified since it was not an actual run on the slopes.  But each boarder or skiier all did pretty outrageous jumps and twists and turns.  So bravo for them, job well done!! Sadness when there were falls, no big injuries I don't think.  Pretty awesome of them all to come out and entertain all the onlookers who loved what they do, and dreamt of the moment our snow will fall again.

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Boarder at the top of the jump rea…
Boarder at the top of the jump re…
Heres a boarder getting ready for…
Here's a boarder getting ready fo…
Here is a skiier landing after his…
Here is a skiier landing after hi…
Just some fellow lovers of the spo…
Just some fellow lovers of the sp…
Heres part of Icer Air 2007 group
Here's part of Icer Air 2007 group
Cousin Joe, sister Rena, me, and t…
Cousin Joe, sister Rena, me, and …
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Here's everyone
100 foot snow/ice jump and us =)
100 foot snow/ice jump and us =)
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Here's a pic of me and Jasmin in …
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