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Entrance to the ice hotel

This past Tuesday, Katie and I went up to the Arctic Circle up to Kiruna to a small town called Jukkasjarvi. Each year in Jukkasjarvi, artists, sculptors, engineers, and ice gurus come to Kiruna to construct the famous Ice Hotel. Katie and I stayed at the Ice Hotel for two nights - it was quite an interesting and memorable experience.

The flight to Kiruna from Stockholm only takes an hour and 20 minutes. One reason I decided to make this trip is because I doubt I’ll ever have the opportunity again to fly up to Kiruna for a few nights. It is definitely a place to spend a few days but nothing to make a full week vacation and flying from the US in later years really wouldn’t make much sense.

Landing on the runway in Kiruna, I was amazed at the efficiency and effectiveness of the airport. There is one runway, two gates which consist of small glass doors leading out of a red colored barn-like airport terminal. Though hardly a terminal, the waiting area consists of about 40 seat and the baggage belt is only about 30 feet long, yet the tiny airport laughs in the face of snow, rain, or ice. I look down at the runway after we landed and to my surprise, its fairly ice free. However, as we taxi from the landing strip, the ground, which the plane rolls over, slowly turns to about 2 inches of thick ice. I’m amazed at the traction and control in these “icy” conditions. The tiny airport handles the conditions better than a major US hub. Then again, it is the Arctic.

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Entrance to the ice hotel
Entrance to the ice hotel
photo by: dieforu