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Based on all of the reviews and recommendations, we got up early and caught the 7:15am bus to Chitzen Itza.  It took about 1hr and we arrived before the ruins were open to find at least 50 people in line already.  Luckily they were mostly with tours, so we bypassed most everyone.  It is one of the new 7 wonders of the world and it cost $10 US.  I think the last wonder of the world I was at was the Grand Canyon.  I had driven down from Flagstaff, AZ and when I got there they wanted to charge so I turned around and went back.  The hell if I was going to pay to drive down there.  Needless to say I'm glad I paid to see Chichen Itza.  Since we didn't hire a tour guide we just booked it past everyone and were the first ones to see many of the sites.  It is amazing at how much work it took for the magnitude, precision and detail of everything.  It is interesting to think what it would have been like to live there during the peak of the Mayan culture.  The largest mayan field or ball court is located here and for some reason I believe they sacraficed the best player on the winning team.  The legends had themesleves carved into the wall of the stadium.

Piste is a good place to stay and you can walk to the ruins or take a cheap mini bus.  No one that I talked to in Cancun even knew this place existed.

We headed back to Valladolid and from there caught a first class bus to Tulum.  Decided to bypass Playa del Carmen this time.  Checked in to the Weary Traveler.  I've also stayed here before.  Abraham was still there, but Shane the pessimistic drunk Australian that was funny as hell had moved on.  Ate some tacos from the Taco stand and had a couple drinks.

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Chichen Itza
photo by: ellechic