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 › entry 1 of 3 › view all entries we made it to San Diego about half an hour later than scheduled. Security was pretty easy to pass through...they actually X-ray and hand check your shoes...hope no one has foot fungus or anything! They still don't allow Hazardous Materials onboard. lol Had to get rid of the larger toothpaste I apparently still had in my toiletries bag...2 ounces too much. Got a 3-minute lecture on that. Guess they're worried about people bringing in plastique in a toothpaste tube, fuses in your shoes, and Molotov cocktail mix in the shampoo bottles. Not worried about liquor that some people were taking on that could ACTUALLY do burn. lol Anyways, back to the flight...the first time we had to wait at Spokane International because the flight captain said the fuel pump wasn't think they'd be a little more tactful in how they word these kinds of things!

It was the first flight I've been on in about 20 years! (How ridiculous is that??) The landscape was unbelievably boring to stare at...ever been to Vantage? That's the best it looked! The flight attendants tease your tummy with pop and two crispy ginger cookies that does nothing but make you starving 20 minutes later, at least 2 hours from San Diego. The flight overall was pretty decent though, but Nicole HATES the take-offs and landings.

Viewing San Diego from 37,000 feet is quite different from seeing from close to 7,000 feet (or less) when we were landing. I never knew the Marine Corps Recruit Depot was LITERALLY on the other side of the fence from the airport. Looks a little different than the books. Seems quite odd to be going from Washington seeing signs for the Division, Sullivan and Pines exits to seeing ones for Los Angeles, La Jolla, and Marine Corps Recruit Depot...also a little weird to look out the hotel window and realize San Diego, California, and not Spokane, Washington...or Anywhere, Washington, for that matter. Definitely a little different.

So we were all waiting to bail out of the cramped aircraft, when the pilot announced 5 minutes later that they were waiting for the people at San Diego to bring the ladder stairs to let us off. Why? They didn't know we were coming! ...I KNOW those radar screens track aircraft from at least 20 miles out and I'm pretty positive picked us up after clearing over Los Angeles. You think these people would put 2 and 2 together and at least come up with 5 and decide "maybe we should get some stuff together." Always confidence-inspiring when one of the larger airline hubs isn't aware of a large aircraft inbound to THEIR airport!

Took a taxi to the hotel, which I'm still convinced the guy took the long scenic route, then I was thinking about going ahead and renting a car and trying to get a dive, or perhaps two, in before the day was over, but that took a while too. So we're sticking with the original idea and getting the bus passes for the remainder of our stay here. More than likely won't be going to the Wild Animal Park, and maybe try the dive shop again tomorrow after the Zoo. SeaWorld's our plan for Saturday, then packing everything up to be up and gone by 0600 to report back to the airport for the flight back.

The people at the hotel marked the wrong number than they assigned to our cards, so that took about 30 minutes to work out. Then we FINALLY got a number for Pizza Hut. I'll leave you to figure out what was for dinner tonight. lol

I've got some various pictures, mostly of desert hills, clouds, a couple faint pictures of a lake and the plane's wing. OH! And I wanted to try to see how it'd look taking a picture through the peep hole of the hotel'll just have to check it out yourself though after I post them.

On a final note, I've noticed something in the VERY short time I've been here so far: Californian's seem to be pretty ****ing unfriendly, and just about rude.

jamartin39 says:
LOL! I lived out in San Diego for awhile I was stationed on CAmp Pendleton I did run out into some rude people out there as well.
Posted on: Apr 24, 2008
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San Diego
photo by: Sunflower300