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The 7 day trip over Kjölur 2007... taken from my travel journey I wrote for a friend J

Sunday: Reykjavík ��" Thingvellir ��" Geysir ��" Gullfoss ��" Kjóastaðir Farm
We drove to Kjóastaðir Farm (where my horses stayed for 3 days resting for the trip), visiting the historical site Thingvellir and the well-known Geysir Hot Spring Area on our way. The ride starts off towards the majestic glacier Langjökull onto Haukadalsheiði heath. The other horses where at Sandá River for the night.  I had to drive mine to the others that night. This night I stayed at Gistiheimilið Geysir, (guesthouse Geysir).

Monday: Kjóastaðir ��" Sandá ��" Árbúðir Mountain Cabin
Our ride continues along the slopes of Mountain called Bláfell. This area was roamed by outlaws in the old days. Old story says to be on the save side you might want to take a little stone along today as a special token for safety during the ride, because you might need it later that day... I still have mine
J... We crossed the River Hvítá and enjoyed the view to the glacier fed lake Hvítárvatn with its floating icebergs( amaxing sight) That night we stay at Árbúðir, situated right at the banks of river Svartá. (30 km ride to day the guide said)

Tuesday: Árbúðir ��" Svartárbotnar Mountain Cabin
Today we explored Lake Hvítárvatn closer and ride without the herd towards this magnificent lake emerging from Langjökull Glacier. When we returned to our herd and continued our ride along Svartá River, passing through the Gránunes area. The area was named after the horse Grána. The day ends at the Svarárbotnar Mountain Cabin, a new cabin with a warm shower, I like mountain cabins with showers... it was a bit dusty day today and the shower wwas heavenly... think the best I have ever had, ever!. (30 km ride as yesterday)

Wednesday: Svartárbotnar ��" Hveravellir Mountain Cabin
We ride along the huge rugged lava fields of Kjalhraun that the sure footed Icelandic horses master with such bravery. During the ride we enjoy splendid views of the glacier Langjökull and follow the glacier fed river Fúlakvísl. We leave the herd for a couple of hours to enter into the world of Thjófadalir, or Valley of Thieves, a grassy valley surrounded by high mountains, a true oasis in the wilderness. On to Hveravellir, a unique geothermal area between Hofsjökull and Langjökull glaciers. A natural hot pool invites us to a deserved relaxing bath. (40 km)

Thursday: Hveravellir ��" Galtará Mountain Cabin
This day was a very special one, since we crossed the large glacial rivers, Blanda, Svartakvísl and Strangakvísl on our way to the North. I had never crossed Blanda on a horse before...  And I didnt know how big it would be... but the weather had been so great the days before so I thought it would be rather small today... as it was... my horse didnt have to swim...she could touch the bottom of the river... most of the time
J (45 km a long day today)

Friday: Galtará ��" Aðalmannsvatn ��" Lauftún Holiday Farm
We descend past beautiful Lake Aðalmannsvatn towards the fertile Mælifellsdalur valley in the Skagafjörður area. Enjoy endless herds of horses grazing on striking hills. In good weather conditions you can see all the way to the Atlantic Ocean at the North coast but it was a bit cloudy today so I didnt see it
L. Good riding tracks... finally ... my back was a bit tired after the long ride yesterday. We ended the day at Lauftún Holiday Farm with a hot pot heated with geothermal water, never been so happy to se a hot pot before I think J my friend had to drag my away from it after sitting in it for a while haha (40 km, but better riding tracks than the other days... so good day today)

Saturday: Lauftún Holiday Farm ��" Akureyri
A friend of mine came to pick me and my horses up and drove us to Akureyri
J It was so good to sleep in my own bed tonight...


I am going again next summer... but then I will ride the opposite way... from north to south J


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photo by: andytite