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Bodo is placed very wrong on the map... so i tried plotting in saltraumen instead, no idea how well that went...

We went out to saltstraumen, since it's a thing you should see as a tourist in northern norway, and nga hadn't seen it before. she wasn't terribly excited about going to see some water. but we managed to get a fishing rod on the way, with lots of jokes about none of us remembering how to fish at all. although i don't think it's something you easily forget. after all, we did catch plenty of fish with our tiny rod with too short line on it, while the guys with huge expensive rods barely caught anything at all... the place was really crowded, lots of p[eople fishing there, and probably a few out just to look at the maelstream, after all, it's the worlds biggest or something. at least there's the most water going trough it :D

very funny watching the boats spinning round and round in the stream :D

not so funny trying to kill the fish fast and gently with a horribly unsharp knife. but we got to borrow some other guys knife, and so we had a lovely dinner the next night :D not that any of us really could remember if we'd ever tried to filet a fish before, spoilt little mummy's girls we are... :p

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photo by: annthansten
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