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It was just in the airport, on the day of our flight, when I realized that my itinerary was so inviting that I have actually organized a big group. I was traveling with 11 other people (7 workmates and 4 other friends)! Awesome! It's always the more, the merrier! Not until we realized it can also cause setbacks for this tour, especially when we found out only five people (me included) were holding confirmed reservations for the first flight to Cagayan De Oro (5:10AM) and the rest  had open tickets. In short, majority were chance passengers. And what could be better than finding out that THE FLIGHT WAS OVERBOOKED?!

We tried our luck. Initially, we didn't wanna take the flight should all of us will not be accommodated.

But we thought it was a very impractical move and that we were also unsure of the loads of the proceeding flights. I gave up my seat for female companion. The next flight would be two hours after but still, I didn't want her to wait. There were two no-show passengers so seven from my group took the flight while the five of us remained at the airport and waited for the next flight.

Then it was time for 2nd flight's (7:40AM) check in. This time, all five of us were on chance. Unfortunately, this flight was also full! Worse, NO NO SHOW PAX! Needless to say, we didn't make it. The first group had sent me a text message that they had already arrived in Cagayan De Oro, and that the van which will be transporting our group to Cagayan port was already waiting. I advised them to go ahead as we were unsuccessfull with the second flight.

Our third chance--- the 1020AM flight. When I checked with the check-in counter the status of this flight, I was advised  another GOOD news! Like the two earlier ones, IT WAS ALSO FULL!!! There will still be a 4th and last flight but I didn't wanna accept that we will also be denied from boarding our second to the last chance. So tired and sleepy now, I was beginning to be hopeless. A few minutes before the check in counter closed, the supervisor approached us and gave the REAL GOOD NEWS! There were still six seats available, ALL ON BUSINESS CLASS! Yihoo! It was worth the wait after all!

Isabetlog says:
Kuya, hindi ata in order yung blog mo :( But can't wait to read the rest! Ako din, delayed ang pag post ko, nauna pa yung Bohol hehehhe :D
Posted on: Mar 05, 2008
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As a person who can only enjoy his passion for traveling either during holiday season, or filing a leave from work, i have put my eyes on the calendar, waiting for government's advice if a holiDAY will be moved to the nearest Sunday or Monday just so that long weekend is established (yes, it happens in the Philippines!). And so when it was announced that celebration of The National Independence Day was moved to June 11 (a Monday) instead of the original June 12, I heard a bell ringing in my mind as if telling me: "This is your chance to travel, josh!" Oh yeah, i plotted an itinerary, invited some friends to join this journey and contacted a travel agent friend--- I was all set for a weekend sojourn to two of Mindanao's interesting islands. Destinations: CAGAYAN DE ORO and CAMIGUIN!

68 km (42 miles) traveled
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Cagayan de Oro
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