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We have finally arrived in Cagayan de Oro, thank God! Since we were ALREADY late with our supposed whole day itinerary in Camiguin, plus our supposed land transfer was already utilized by the first group, we immediately got a taxi as soon as we grabbed our baggage, hopped on a bus that transported us to Cagayan pier, and rode a barge (that seems to me as half-century old) which shipped us to Camiguin Island. Wow, I couldnt help but appreciate the view of the pear-shaped island from a far. It's so green that gave me a sure impression of how peaceful and virginal this destination is.

Just a few meters from where the ship must rest on its final stop, i already saw a local carrying a banner with A HUGE JOSH VASQUEZ written on it. Not only my friends but the other passengers joked about it and said "PAGING, JOSH VASQUEZ! ANG TATAY MO NAGHIHINTAY NA! (Paging Josh Vasquez! You're dad is already waiting for you!). Damn! It was so embarassing that I had to aks the man who told him to do it. He said the first group was so worried about us that they got us a van (with him as the driver) that will bring us to the Paras Beach Resort.  But the travel made me realized I should just apprecaite what my friends did as Paras was not at all easy to find as it is more than an hour ride away from the port.

And so the now very tired and haggard Josh and his group has finally reached Paras. Good thing the receptionist was already expecting us and brought us to our cottage. My friends in the first group were all sleeping, but woke up upon our arrival. It was already 4PM and our itinerary stated our Camiguin tour should have started at 1PM. It was high time to make a decision--- should we just all rest in the resort, or mproceed with the tour. Fortunately, all of us realized that we travelled so far NOT TO BUILD DREAMS IN OUR SLEEP, but to see what that island has to offer. I immediately arranged a tour van and a guide with the girl at the reception. Usually, their island tour starts at 1PM and ends at 5PM . I puffed out all charms I have inside to convincing her that we will just see the highlights of the tour, skip on the not-so-recommended parts, and a two-hours tour will be good enouigh for us. And what's even better is that she agreed that we will just pay half the price of the island trour! I have almost kissed her in my delightment that she called it a go.

(to be con't)

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68 km (42 miles) traveled
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photo by: yheleen