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My arrival into Israel was quite the fiasco!! :P

I only had an hour and half to change planes in Rome and the Israeli security guards for entrance onto my second plane took me aside after questioning me about my reasons to visit Israel to recheck my backpack with their own machines (cause the Italian machines weren't good enough) and to search me with a wand thingy... I am not sure what I said or did to give them reason to suspect me or if this is a common action taken with non residents entering the country. I have heard that they ask many interrogating questions of visitors, but I wasn't completely prepared for the experience and they held the plane up for about 20 minutes for me. The security guards were NEVER rude or disrespectful during the questioning and searching of my belongings, just VERY thorough and a little intimidating with the guns.. Even leaving the country was filled with heavy questioning and several bag checks..

To add to the fiasco my luggage never made the transfer in Rome between the two flights. I had to wait a few days for it to arrive to Israel and then for the airport to deliver it to the house I was staying at. They said that it is common for luggage not to show up (my friend's mom said it happen to her at least 7 times) and that there must not have been enough time between the arrival of my first plane and the departure for my luggage to make the transfer.

In the end the fiasco was well worth the trouble. I had such a great time that I would do it all again :P

I strongly suggest that if you do decide to travel to Israel be prepared for the heavy questioning and remember that being patient, respectful and upbeat will help things move more smoothly when things don't go as plan. And remember that the security guards are only human and just doing their job, which when you think about it has to be a very stressful work environment..
philippe84 says:
you re a very understanding and very patient traveller in this case i ususally end up in jail as i m more likely to punch someone
Posted on: Apr 03, 2008
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