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Pie for breakfast in Valparaiso.
Woke up at 7am for breakfast at our Hotel Atkinson, which was a rather bizarre combination of bread, fruit, and ... fudge pie?

Jaime was stuck in traffic, so he thoughtfully sent a taxi to take us to the Maritime museum. It covered the maritime history of Chile, which I knew (or cared, frankly) nothing about. But I got sucked into the history lesson, and it was an OK experience after all. Jaime caught up with us and drove to a funicular to see the Yugoslavian house -- apparently somewhat famous in Valparaiso. There didn't seem to be a real plan for sightseeing, so Lisa and I got out the Fodor's and asked Jaime to bring us to the  mercado we read about there. We found it -- in a bad neighborhood -- and that sums up our day in Valparaiso.
Everything you every wanted to know about Chile's maritime history. And then some.
Not terribly sucessful.

We picked up our bags and then made the long drive to beautiful restaurant on the ocean, where we met Jaime's wife and children for lunch. His wife was more than pleasant, very funny, and spoke Engllish extremely well. A very nice afternoon. 

Back to the airport (cold and windy, as usual!), where it was my turn to fly again. Lisa and I did the preflight by ourselves, and Jaime trusted us on it. I had a nice take off, and a great flight thru the mountains around Santiago. AND I had very good radio comm with Valparaiso ... I decided to end things on a good note and told Jaime to take over the radio from that point. A perfect VASI-informed approach was followed by a very decent landing, and I felt good about flying once again.

Our flying journey was finally over. How sad. What an incredible trip.

Jaime didn't want to pay a credit card fee for our payment, so he asked us to just wire money when we got home. So trusting! He seemed uncomfortable with the concept of collecting money at all (although we did end up giving him quite a lot of it ... flying and fuel is EXPENSIVE in Chile!). He then brought us to Starbucks for a treat. We toasted our friendship with Caramel Macchiato and Frappucinos and talked wistfully and hopefully about "the next time we come to Chile..."
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Pie for breakfast in Valparaiso.
Pie for breakfast in Valparaiso.
Everything you every wanted to kno…
Everything you every wanted to kn…
Feline window dressing in Valparai…
Feline window dressing in Valpara…
Valparaiso market.
Valparaiso market.
Sad to say goodbye.
Sad to say goodbye.
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