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Summary of my travels since starting to travel for work in 2004. Three continents and three jobs later, this blog is an ongoing work in process. All locations are entered through present, will be adding descriptions and pictures as I have the opportunity. Please let me know if you see an entry without info you would like me to upload pictures for and I can take care of adding that location's items sooner.

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February 14th, 2004Fairfield, Connecticut
February 15th, 2004Tempe, Arizona
February 21st, 2004Eindhoven, Netherlands
February 22nd, 2004Antwerp, Belgium
March 11th, 2004Fairfield, Connecticut
March 27th, 2004Shanghai, China
April 3rd, 2004Fairfield, Connecticut
April 24th, 2004Eindhoven, Netherlands
April 25th, 2004Brussels, Belgium
April 29th, 2004Kinderdijk, Netherlands
April 30th, 2004Echternach, Luxembourg
May 1st, 2004The Hague, Netherlands
May 2nd, 2004Helchteren, Belgium
May 2nd, 2004Achel, Belgium
May 20th, 2004Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
May 23rd, 2004Fairfield, Connecticut
May 30th, 2004Wiesbaden, Germany
May 31st, 2004Mainz, Germany
May 31st, 2004Heidelberg, Germany
June 1st, 2004Eindhoven, Netherlands
June 12th, 2004New York, New York
June 26th, 2004Eindhoven, Netherlands
July 2nd, 2004Paris, France
July 11th, 2004Boppard, Germany
July 17th, 2004Prague, Czech Republic
July 18th, 2004Kutna Hora, Czech Republic
July 24th, 2004Westvleteren, Belgium
July 24th, 2004Amsterdam, Netherlands
August 7th, 2004Washington, District of Columbia
August 20th, 2004Houston, Texas
August 24th, 2004Fairfield, Connecticut
September 15th, 2004Las Vegas, Nevada
September 18th, 2004Tempe, Arizona
September 29th, 2004New York, New York
October 16th, 2004Eindhoven, Netherlands
October 23rd, 2004Antwerp, Belgium
October 24th, 2004The Hague, Netherlands
October 31st, 2004Oosterbeek, Netherlands
October 31st, 2004Deelen, Netherlands
November 7th, 2004Fairfield, Connecticut
November 16th, 2004Tempe, Arizona
November 20th, 2004Trumbull, Connecticut
November 25th, 2004York, Pennsylvania
November 28th, 2004Eindhoven, Netherlands
December 4th, 2004Brugge, Belgium
December 5th, 2004Den Bosch, Netherlands
December 18th, 2004Westvleteren, Belgium
December 19th, 2004Vlissingen, Netherlands
December 24th, 2004Fairfield, Connecticut
January 2nd, 2005Eindhoven, Netherlands
January 9th, 2005Haarzuilens, Netherlands
January 14th, 2005Bremen, Germany
January 15th, 2005Wolfsburg, Germany
January 15th, 2005Berlin, Germany
January 18th, 2005Walldorf, Germany
January 22nd, 2005Barcelona, Spain
January 23rd, 2005Girona, Spain
January 29th, 2005Rochefort, Belgium
January 29th, 2005Luxembourg, Luxembourg
February 5th, 2005Eindhoven, Netherlands
February 6th, 2005Maastricht, Netherlands
February 12th, 2005Amsterdam, Netherlands
February 13th, 2005Maastricht, Netherlands
February 13th, 2005Valkenburg, Netherlands
February 19th, 2005Brugge, Belgium
February 20th, 2005Sankt Goar, Germany
February 26th, 2005Fairfield, Connecticut
March 5th, 2005Eindhoven, Netherlands
March 13th, 2005Ghent, Belgium
March 19th, 2005Zurich, Switzerland
March 20th, 2005Lucerne, Switzerland
March 26th, 2005Hoek van Holland, Netherlands
March 26th, 2005Lisse, Netherlands
April 2nd, 2005Brugge, Belgium
April 3rd, 2005Cologne, Germany
April 9th, 2005Antwerp, Belgium
April 9th, 2005Brussels, Belgium
April 9th, 2005Waterloo, Belgium
April 10th, 2005Maastricht, Netherlands
April 14th, 2005Fairfield, Connecticut
April 18th, 2005Tempe, Arizona
April 23rd, 2005Grand Canyon, Arizona
April 23rd, 2005Flagstaff, Arizona
April 24th, 2005Sedona, Arizona
April 30th, 2005Fairfield, Connecticut
May 20th, 2005Eindhoven, Netherlands
May 21st, 2005Antwerp, Belgium
May 22nd, 2005Valkenburg, Netherlands
May 28th, 2005Maastricht, Netherlands
May 28th, 2005Hoensbroek, Netherlands
May 28th, 2005Antwerp, Belgium
June 4th, 2005Montignies-sur-Roc, Belgium
June 4th, 2005Dunkirk, France
June 4th, 2005Eindhoven, Netherlands
June 12th, 2005Utrecht, Netherlands
June 16th, 2005Eindhoven, Netherlands
June 19th, 2005Vrouwenpolder, Netherlands
June 19th, 2005Eindhoven, Netherlands
June 25th, 2005Fairfield, Connecticut
July 1st, 2005Hsinchu, Taiwan
July 9th, 2005Taipei, Taiwan
July 10th, 2005Seoul, South Korea
July 15th, 2005Suwon, South Korea
July 16th, 2005Eindhoven, Netherlands
July 17th, 2005Brussels, Belgium
July 17th, 2005Brugge, Belgium
July 17th, 2005Ghent, Belgium
July 23rd, 2005Fairfield, Connecticut
August 5th, 2005Washington, District of Columbia
August 6th, 2005Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
August 19th, 2005Seoul, South Korea
September 4th, 2005Hsinchu, Taiwan
September 9th, 2005Taipei, Taiwan
September 10th, 2005Nei-wan, Taiwan
September 18th, 2005Rousset, France
September 24th, 2005Dresden, Germany
September 29th, 2005Munich, Germany
October 1st, 2005Fairfield, Connecticut
October 10th, 2005Tempe, Arizona
October 15th, 2005Roosevelt, Arizona
November 19th, 2005New York, New York
November 26th, 2005Eindhoven, Netherlands
December 3rd, 2005Brugge, Belgium
December 4th, 2005Vrouwenpolder, Netherlands
December 10th, 2005Cologne, Germany
December 11th, 2005Brugge, Belgium
December 30th, 2005New York, New York
January 23rd, 2006Tempe, Arizona
January 28th, 2006Casa Grande, Arizona
January 29th, 2006Houston, Texas
February 10th, 2006Fairfield, Connecticut
February 18th, 2006Eindhoven, Netherlands
February 25th, 2006Eindhoven, Netherlands
February 26th, 2006Maastricht, Netherlands
March 5th, 2006Cologne, Germany
March 6th, 2006Den Bosch, Netherlands
March 11th, 2006Fairfield, Connecticut
March 25th, 2006Eindhoven, Netherlands
March 26th, 2006Antwerp, Belgium
March 31st, 2006Amsterdam, Netherlands
April 1st, 2006Fairfield, Connecticut
April 8th, 2006Hong Kong
April 15th, 2006Shanghai, China
April 19th, 2006Seoul, South Korea
April 21st, 2006Paju, South Korea
April 23rd, 2006Taipei, Taiwan
April 23rd, 2006Hsinchu, Taiwan
April 26th, 2006Tokyo, Japan
April 30th, 2006Singapore
May 6th, 2006Eindhoven, Netherlands
May 7th, 2006Brugge, Belgium
May 9th, 2006Rousset, France
May 10th, 2006Marseille, France
May 11th, 2006Cannes, France
May 13th, 2006Monte Carlo, Monaco
May 14th, 2006Nice, France
May 14th, 2006Eindhoven, Netherlands
May 21st, 2006Brugge, Belgium
May 27th, 2006Strasbourg, France
June 4th, 2006Chimay, Belgium
June 24th, 2006Fairfield, Connecticut
July 15th, 2006Eindhoven, Netherlands
July 30th, 2006Brussels, Belgium
August 3rd, 2006Fairfield, Connecticut
August 22nd, 2006York, Pennsylvania
September 9th, 2006Eindhoven, Netherlands
September 14th, 2006Chicago, Illinois
September 17th, 2006Tempe, Arizona
September 23rd, 2006Fairfield, Connecticut
October 7th, 2006Eindhoven, Netherlands
October 14th, 2006Fairfield, Connecticut
October 18th, 2006Tempe, Arizona
October 21st, 2006Fairfield, Connecticut
October 22nd, 2006Eindhoven, Netherlands
October 28th, 2006Fairfield, Connecticut
November 12th, 2006Eindhoven, Netherlands
November 23rd, 2006New York, New York
November 26th, 2006Sanya, China
December 3rd, 2006Seoul, South Korea
December 11th, 2006Fairfield, Connecticut
December 16th, 2006Eindhoven, Netherlands
December 23rd, 2006Fairfield, Connecticut
January 2nd, 2007Eindhoven, Netherlands
January 13th, 2007Fairfield, Connecticut
February 10th, 2007Eindhoven, Netherlands
February 17th, 2007Eindhoven, Netherlands
March 10th, 2007Oosterbeek, Netherlands
March 17th, 2007Madrid, Spain
March 20th, 2007Gerlos, Austria
March 28th, 2007Rome, Italy
April 21st, 2007Brugge, Belgium
April 22nd, 2007Cologne, Germany
April 29th, 2007Brussels, Belgium
April 30th, 2007Eindhoven, Netherlands
May 1st, 2007Wilton, Connecticut
May 5th, 2007New York, New York
May 5th, 2007Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
May 6th, 2007Tempe, Arizona
May 13th, 2007Eindhoven, Netherlands
May 19th, 2007Seoul, South Korea
May 23rd, 2007Hsinchu, Taiwan
May 26th, 2007Taipei, Taiwan
May 27th, 2007Eindhoven, Netherlands
June 10th, 2007Brugge, Belgium
June 13th, 2007Tokyo, Japan
June 16th, 2007Singapore
June 19th, 2007Hsinchu, Taiwan
June 21st, 2007Eindhoven, Netherlands
June 29th, 2007Copenhagen, Denmark
July 15th, 2007Cologne, Germany
July 15th, 2007Luxembourg, Luxembourg
July 16th, 2007Amsterdam, Netherlands
July 16th, 2007Scheveningen, Netherlands
July 17th, 2007Antwerp, Belgium
July 17th, 2007Brugge, Belgium
July 17th, 2007Brussels, Belgium
July 17th, 2007Waterloo, Belgium
July 18th, 2007Paris, France
July 20th, 2007Versailles, France
July 21st, 2007Kinderdijk, Netherlands
July 22nd, 2007Shanghai, China
July 26th, 2007Beijing, China
July 27th, 2007Badaling, China
July 28th, 2007Beijing, China
July 29th, 2007Beijing, China
July 30th, 2007Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
July 31st, 2007Siem Reap, Cambodia
August 2nd, 2007Bangkok, Thailand
August 5th, 2007Hsinchu, Taiwan
August 9th, 2007Seoul, South Korea
August 15th, 2007Tempe, Arizona
August 18th, 2007Grand Canyon, Arizona
August 19th, 2007Roosevelt, Arizona
August 21st, 2007Wilton, Connecticut
August 25th, 2007New York, New York
August 26th, 2007Louisville, Kentucky
September 9th, 2007Eindhoven, Netherlands
October 6th, 2007Munich, Germany
October 20th, 2007Boppard, Germany
October 27th, 2007Sankt Goar, Germany
November 3rd, 2007Den Helder, Netherlands
November 4th, 2007Amsterdam, Netherlands
November 11th, 2007Hong Kong
November 12th, 2007Macau
November 17th, 2007Amsterdam, Netherlands
November 18th, 2007Brugge, Belgium
November 19th, 2007Vrouwenpolder, Netherlands
November 19th, 2007The Hague, Netherlands
November 20th, 2007Brussels, Belgium
November 21st, 2007Paris, France
November 23rd, 2007Eindhoven, Netherlands
November 24th, 2007Amsterdam, Netherlands
November 25th, 2007Eindhoven, Netherlands
December 8th, 2007Brussels, Belgium
December 24th, 2007Rome, Italy
December 27th, 2007Venice, Italy
December 29th, 2007Cologne, Germany
December 30th, 2007Barcelona, Spain
January 1st, 2008Girona, Spain
January 18th, 2008Dublin, Ireland
January 31st, 2008Oberkochen, Germany
February 2nd, 2008Eindhoven, Netherlands
February 3rd, 2008Maastricht, Netherlands
February 8th, 2008Budapest, Hungary
February 10th, 2008Sankt Goar, Germany
February 17th, 2008Waregem, Belgium
March 11th, 2008Shanghai, China
March 18th, 2008Gerlos, Austria
March 24th, 2008Waterloo, Belgium
March 24th, 2008Brussels, Belgium
April 5th, 2008Eindhoven, Netherlands
April 13th, 2008Eindhoven, Netherlands
April 19th, 2008Dusseldorf, Germany
April 20th, 2008Eindhoven, Netherlands
April 27th, 2008Vaduz, Liechtenstein
April 29th, 2008Amsterdam, Netherlands
May 1st, 2008Stockholm, Sweden
May 3rd, 2008Eindhoven, Netherlands
May 10th, 2008Singapore, Singapore
May 11th, 2008Bintan, Indonesia
May 12th, 2008Singapore, Singapore
May 14th, 2008Seoul, South Korea
May 17th, 2008Shanghai, China
May 18th, 2008Shanghai, China
May 19th, 2008Shanghai, China
May 20th, 2008Shanghai, China
May 21st, 2008Hsin-chu, Taiwan
May 24th, 2008Tokyo, Japan
May 25th, 2008Kamakura, Japan
May 27th, 2008Tokyo, Japan
May 28th, 2008Kyoto, Japan
May 28th, 2008Osaka, Japan
May 29th, 2008Nara, Japan
May 29th, 2008Horyuji, Japan
May 29th, 2008Osaka, Japan
May 30th, 2008Himeji, Japan
May 31st, 2008Eindhoven, Netherlands
June 2nd, 2008Eindhoven, Netherlands
June 6th, 2008Heidelberg, Germany
June 8th, 2008Tempe, Arizona
June 13th, 2008Wilton, Connecticut
June 14th, 2008Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania
June 14th, 2008Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
June 15th, 2008Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
June 15th, 2008York, Pennsylvania
June 19th, 2008Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
June 20th, 2008Fairfield, Connecticut
June 21st, 2008New York, New York
June 22nd, 2008Eindhoven, Netherlands
June 27th, 2008Tilburg, Netherlands
July 2nd, 2008Eindhoven, Netherlands
July 5th, 2008koblenz, Germany
July 26th, 2008Sankt Goarshausen, Germany
August 1st, 2008Friesland, Netherlands
August 9th, 2008Trier, Germany
August 9th, 2008koblenz, Germany
August 13th, 2008Edinburgh, Scotland
August 24th, 2008Brugge, Belgium
August 24th, 2008De Haan, Belgium
August 24th, 2008Dunkirk, France
August 29th, 2008New City, New York
August 30th, 2008York, Pennsylvania
September 1st, 2008Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania
September 2nd, 2008Wilton, Connecticut
September 4th, 2008Tempe, Arizona
September 6th, 2008Phoenix, Arizona
September 8th, 2008Petrified Forest National Park, United States
September 10th, 2008Wilton, Connecticut
September 11th, 2008York, Pennsylvania
September 12th, 2008Las Vegas, Nevada
September 15th, 2008York, Pennsylvania
October 4th, 2008Amsterdam, Netherlands
October 10th, 2008Edinburgh, Scotland
October 12th, 2008Glasgow, Scotland
October 17th, 2008Schwangau, Germany
October 17th, 2008Innsbruck, Austria
October 18th, 2008Salzburg, Austria
October 25th, 2008London, England
October 26th, 2008Greenwich, England
November 6th, 2008Las Vegas, Nevada
November 7th, 2008Tucson, Arizona
November 25th, 2008Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania
November 27th, 2008Southbury, Connecticut
December 5th, 2008Florence, Italy
January 16th, 2009Napa Valley, United States
February 4th, 2009Taipei, Taiwan
February 21st, 2009Amsterdam, Netherlands