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Decided to brave the miserable weather and headed down bright and early on the DLR from Stratford to Cutty Shark to visit Greenwich.  Fitting as the night before was daylight savings!  Walked up to the observatory, arriving a few hours before they opened, but undaunted, I realized that while the main Prime Meridian section was closed, the lower section was only blocked by an unlocked gate, and managed to walk from the eastern hemisphere to the west, and back again, before settling in right on the line for the obligaory photo.

Walked back under the Thames to the Docklands and back to Bank and Monument, where once again, Scaffolding reared it's ugly head on the Monument itself.  At this point, I was soaked and exhausted, so headed up to Liverpool station and found a place nearby for a cup of coffee while reading the paper.

Decided then that with a 5PM flight back to Eindhoven, I would have time to watch the entire Liverpool vs. Chelsea match starting at 1:30, finishing just in time to check in for my flight, so I wantd to be at Stanstead well in advance to find a pub outside security where I could hole up and watch the match.

I ignored Lori's advice from Edinburgh a few weeks earlier and grabbed a pasty for lunch (had to try it, and it wasn't terrible!) on the train and made it to O'Neills in Stanstead by 12:30, in time to grab a prime seat for the match.  By 1:30, the place was packed, seemingly entirely with Liverpool fans!  The roar when the Reds scored 10 minutes in was astounding!  And the same at the end of the 93rd minute...sounded like a plane taking off!

Having finished a few hours of Football, it was time to head back to the Netherlands, where I had to immediately head back to Full Moon for the colonial counterpart and a the second half of the Colts / Chargers game before heading home to watch the Steelers on the home tube before hitting the sack.

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photo by: santafeclau