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Copies of everything are available on the streets...

Originally my plan was to meet up with Johan from Amsterdam who I meet at the Dusseldorf meet-up, but due to the earthquake he had to change his schedule and had some visa issues to work out and wasn’t arriving until Tuesday.  I then thought about doing some more sightseeing in Puxi today, but I decided to sleep in until 10:55 (long enough to throw some stuff in a laundry bag and call housekeeping to pick it up before the 11AM deadline) then again until noon.  At that point, I decided to become human and took a shower (contrary to the original opinion, no problems from the food the night before), checked mails and Travbuddy, and then headed up to a place called Thumb Plaza a little bit up the road from my hotel that August and Mira told me about the night before, and where we were going to meet up at 3:00 (no brunch…not today). 


Now, when I was in this hotel (Renaissance) as recently as 2006, I walked up this road and there was nothing still but construction, so I never knew this plaza even existed.

Thumb Plaza
  Now there’s a LOT of restaurants, some stores, a Starbucks, Hagen-Daz, Papa John’s, etc.  There’s even a new Pudong branch of Malones!  Wandered around for a little looking at the vendor tents set up in the plaza then decided to sit in Starbucks and have a coffee, read the paper, and recover a little.


At this point, the weather started to get a little cloudy and the wind started to pick up a little.  Around 3PM, I headed over to Café du Monde, a nice New Orleans style place with good food, and cheap buckets of Corona.  We sat outside for a while drinking some Coronas, but before the food arrived, it started to rain.  We moved on inside for our food, then went back outside under the awning to drink a few more buckets of beers, chatted about this, that, and the other, and then decided to head back to their apartment to chill for a while around 8PM.

Haibao - The mascot of the 2010 World Expo (World's Fair)
  Picked up some beers and ciders at a convenience store then taxied over to there place…which happens to be less than a block from my office!  Ordered some pizza, drank some more beers, watched what has to be the worst movie I have EVER seen in my life (Kickin it Old Skool with Jamie Kennedy…a 50-cent DVD from a street hawker) then I taxied back around midnight to get ready for work the next day. 


It had finally stopped raining at least (and turned out to be great weather the rest of the week), but I’m glad I didn’t go into Puxi for the day.  This was one of the best travel days I can remember!

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Copies of everything are available…
Copies of everything are availabl…
Thumb Plaza
Thumb Plaza
Haibao - The mascot of the 2010 Wo…
Haibao - The mascot of the 2010 W…
photo by: spocklogic