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Didn't do a whole lot today, I had two hours sleep and woke up at 2:30am for the range again. It didn't take me long to qualify with the red-dot scope on my M16A2. Afterwards i slept the rest of the morning. The day went which is a blessing in the Army. I'm just wondering how the newlyweds ( my brother John and his wife Mo ) are doing, spending their honeymoon in Jamaica..so jealous. Kinda weird to have a sister-in-law. I feel for my brother, I wish the grudge thing between my mom and John would end..It hurt not making it to the wedding. My unit departed 3 days before the wedding.


Another 'Buerhing' Day

I'm anticipating leaving the Kuwait Camp tomorrow and set foot into Iraq tomorrow night. Nighttime because we're not and easy target in the day from mortar attacks.

This evening was lovely. There was a movie theater on base and I went with 3 friends I made in the Engineer unit, we saw 'Die Hard 4'. Going to a movie theater was different this time for me. The experiance was remarkable, watching a movie in Kuwait with all these American military ( Army, Air Force, Navy, etc..) in a war-time situation. When the movie was over, I paused to notice everyone getting up, their weapons in their hand..the sad reality of going back ..out there

That moment made me think how proud I am to be here today. My decision to join the Army was never easy until I signed the contract. All those people at the theater, on the Camp ( to include the civilian contractors), has left behind another life back in the States to do 'this'...this job, this career, whatever you wanna call this term with the miltary, being here impacts the people back home in America. I think this is a Great Responsibility, to have the courage to volunteer. I also hope after the deployment I'll have a better idea on what I wanna do in the next couple years.

Tomorrow we leave for Iraq. I'm still not nervous. I know when I decided to join in the end of 2003 there was a chance that i would come here. The truth, maybe I'll speak what my thoughts are on the war and going one day, perhaps after I get out of the Army or when the OIF ends..


homeres says:
The army i'm in cares about saving money, not to say they bought the scopes from the lowest bid...at all boils down to whats cost efficient : )
Posted on: Sep 06, 2008
cmgervais says:
AH, I get it it! I would think ALL the rifles would have scopes...so much more accurate I assume.
Posted on: Sep 06, 2008
homeres says:
I carried a rifle on my back everyday during my tour. When i went to qualify on the Shooting range I used for the first time a 'scope'. I have always used the iron sights to locate a target and shot. Having the red dot scope jus made it easier..like a old Nintendo game!
Posted on: Sep 06, 2008
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