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Camp 'B', Kuwait

The power is offline at the moment so all the females are sweltering in our tent, of course the outside temperature has to be in the 100s F.

Camp B isn't all that bad, actually we did a lot of things today, wake up was at 0230, but i think I have been dying awake since midnight. While we were doing Entry Control Point (ECP) live fire, The Australians were beside us on another range, firing as well. We ( the Americans) finished firing by 0730, sweet --time for breakfast! For a couple of us we had a victory treat in mind, Starbucks! I helped the gals hitch a ride over there cuz SB is on the other side of camp ( It's too fuckin hot even to move around at 0800 in the morning) already it was very warm. when we made it, some of the Aussies were there and I mustard the cockiness to get one of their unit patches. It was a Kangaroo i wanted but I was given their National Flag. We were all excited. After they left, 2 Japanese Coalition Forces came in. I tried to get theirs..they wanted to trade for coins..which i didnt have. This encounter made me think again... our countries were enemies over 60 years ago. Wow. ---

Ah the air conditioner is back on so I will try to rest until lunch. There is still more of this great base to discover.

(LATE NIGHT) Today was a great day, I think of all the weaknesses I have as a person is that I am quick to judge people, like for example, if a person screws me over the first time, definitely on my SHIT List! But I had a change of heart and realize I need to at least give people a second chance to redeem themselves. (Im talking about a former company commander..) I think it's a bad habit I picked up from my mother and certainly will work on in the coming years. All I hope for is to be The BEST that I can be in any given situation, anytime, anywhere..

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