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Another hot, miserable day. I think I am becoming quickly accostomed to the high tempertures. This land of the sand is desolate. Barren like the Army life for me. The routine over the years is making me feel less positive about wearing the uniform...I'm not saying I want to turn my back on my country or the US Army, I would never betray those beliefs or Army Values, it is just that I had adhered to these values for so long and am frustrated of the 'good ol' buddy' system. I've seen how officers and Senior NCOs manipulate the regulations and their power to conform to their own profit...betraying the very ethos of the Non-Commission Officer creed. Aren't we all suppose to follow our creeds in both the civilian and military lives? These are just my frustrations as I begin this deployment...once you draw the line ..how long can you really follow this path or follow your heart? I'm lost sometimes, wandering from deployment to deployment, trying to figure out what really is the Army and is it still THE army I want to put my next 15 years in? sooner or later there will be a breaking point..not just for myself, but for my fellow military servicemen..how long can we endure this...leaving our families, homes....
es1418 says:
I think the problem is that honorable people don't make it their mission to aspire to the upper ranks and end the corruption. It can only be broken from the top.
Posted on: Aug 12, 2010
Kliffy says:
great to read your feelings....you must be brave to endure this..
Posted on: Mar 10, 2010
Rabioso says:
Thats the Army all us [soldiers] know and despise.
Posted on: Sep 07, 2008
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