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I last told this tale to Travbuddy Jim (Blenderboy) and his wife Joy. I talked about this mission in more detail with them over dinner in Milwaukee. You'll have to catch up with them...if u want details..


It's been a while since I logged my thoughts. Not because of the daily, busy montony, I just haven't had the peace of mind to do so.

A birthday has came and past, my 23rd. I didn't bother telling anyone until I wore a lil tiara to the Company cookout. I told them today is my special day. It is a lot different when you are celebrating with family, friends, loved ones. I didnt even bother eating a piece of cake..i had a cookie..but i always get a cookie. When i sat at lunch time I thought, whats the point celebrating it, I am alive, isn't that sufficient?

Thanksgiving has been a week long ago.

Too bad this shirt got burned!
Its ok, I havent spent a Thanksgiving with my family for over 3 years now, maybe one day, hopefully i'll remember what it feels like, a family gathering.

My last mission was earlier this month. I wish I could had recorded all the events that had occured but then it would be in violation of OPSEC, operational security. I can disclose that we went to Anaconda, Warhorse and went through a neighborhood in downtown Ba'Quaba. It is my belief that the country is getting better but man I had to piss in the worst shithole in my entire life in this Iraqi outpost!!! Literally there was shit on the walls!!!!!!

Many things are going on, rumored, being talked about. I suppose if I stay in the army long enough I may see another tour here.... I can't wait for us to give this place back to the Iraqis. The sooner it happens, the more lives can be spared. I meditate on how everything on Speicher will be one day and handed over to the Iraqis..

I have met some extraordinary people, The Turks @ Rusty Nail, Pat from KBR, our DFAC. Even those occasional soldiers, marines, airmen, Coalition forces I have encountered that I know I will never see again. They have made my tour delightful. And those rare ones that i have had nice conversations with I can only hope that they live long, healthy lives wherever they go... I hope I won't forget these people that make living here bearable.

That's all, OUT.

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Too bad this shirt got burned!
Too bad this shirt got burned!
photo by: homeres