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This was the Day we ran the Army 10 Miler!

Life is busy on this base, every day monotonous however surely an adventure. These days have already become to coincide & be ongoing. The month is almost over and I'm glad. In my world, the 82nd has started pulling out and the 101st has been pouring in, so conjested is the chow hall especially during dinner time. My battle from the 82nd, Ponafala has already left for the states, she's now home. I hope for the best for her.

It rained for a little while, this morning. we did a big run 7 miles. We're ( me and Mullins) are getting readu for the 10 miler. I never thought in my dreams I would ever compete in this event. I'd hear about it on AKO and Army Times of the race held in Washington D.C. Not sure I am ready but i'm ready for anything.

Funny Story about the run this morning, i turn it into a 'blonde joke'...


2 Blonde Female Captains went for a run one morning but

drove a truck to their starting point, the Main Gym.

It was a 6 mile run.

So before the run, 1 blonde hands the other blonde the truck keys.

Once they finished their 6 miles and got back to the gym,

one asked the other for the keys,

'Shoot I think I dropped them!'

So they both re-did the whole course and with no luck, did not find them.

Being angry & pissed off, they both ran a mile to the Operations Center and exclaimed,

" we fuckin ran 13 miles! do u guys have a spare key so we can recover our truck.." then they ran off

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This was the Day we ran the Army 1…
This was the Day we ran the Army …
photo by: homeres