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We were on a mission and my friends videotaped me with sum Iraqis

 once again, im recording my journals from the hardcopy to digital..

9 October 2007

I go on my first patrol mission in a couple hours. I haven't been to bed yet either. I've been bullshitting, wondering mostly if today, tomorrow will be my last day on earth. I called and talked to my Mom, she should be in San Francisco already. I am happy for her. The only thing I care about is helping the people I love and care about, even if the past has hurt, It's Okay now. I talked to my brother John, I promised him I would call him after I get back to Camp S.

Later that evening...

Thank God! I'm here! Today was awesome, soo much to tell, the palaces, Saddam's palaces i got to tour. You can bet I am one of the few American tourists in Iraq ( although i am working). It was relatively safe. It was frightening to see men in ski masks holding AK-47s at checkpoints and intersections in downtown Tikrit, but it was safe. I saw the Tigris river. I could not believe my eyes. It has not been 4 years, maybe 5 since I was in high school having a discussion in a fine arts class about the importance of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, how they are known as 'the cradle of civilization'. I will never forget this day, ever.


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We were on a mission and my frien…
photo by: homeres