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Rifle Qual not too far where Insurgents bomb us...


Since Ramadan began this has been the second time I've felt an aftershock from a VBIED (vehicle-borne inexplosive device). I've been hearing rounds go off in the distance near the perimeter for the past 20 minutes, this is fuckin unreal...I'm just expecting that damn siren to go off and my ass is gonna have to grab my IBA and all that heavy shit. Does this even sound like i'm in a warzone?? If it doesn't i'm in a horrible dream that i wish i could wake up from but i can't.

Mom, John & Mo are thousands of miles away from me, a half a day away from me


Days are ongoing, full of surprises, dismay, controversy and gray HAIRS ( I found 2 in my hair in the past 3 weeks)! I'm too young! but i feel so old.

on the range in iraq, we had a ceasefire because there were chinooks flying above...no friendly fires..

I watched a good movie i bought today, Flags of our Fathers , made me reflect, watching a war movie in a war zone - how ironic, listening to the sounds of fighter planes as i listen to the sounds of chinooks flying outside here in this camp. I bought a box of Cuban cigar from the Hajii martet today, i'm trying to figure out how to get them home, i'll think of sumthin..

So far Capt. Mullins ( my 2nd favorite captain in the army) has left me! she is working down in Kuwait for 45 days, now who am i gonna harass and wake up in the morning?! Hopefully the 111th can hold together for the next year. the days are coming fast now, October is near. I am looking forward to leave in April, I will take another european vacation. I'm lucky I doubt if i will ever go back to Germany after this deployment so i will walk the streets and towns one last time. I forsee I will eventually work full-time at some civilian job and raise babies, i guess the next step in my adult life...I don't wish to train for and play war the rest of my life, my heart is not in it anymore. The army has been good to me, brought me a good start to my 20's but I do not wish to endure these conditions, this battle 'up the rat race' for very long. I am proud of my service and i know i will miss it unbearingly, but I cannot roam forever..and if i start a family I do not wish for them to roam as well.

Iraq has given me moments to sit down and have peace of mind, reflect -- as so many are losing their lives outside these wires. There is no specific answer to why America is really here, but America doesn't need this..There are no winners here, just losers ..and losers who profit from the big losers.

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Rifle Qual not too far where Insur…
Rifle Qual not too far where Insu…
on the range in iraq, we had a cea…
on the range in iraq, we had a ce…
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