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nice memory

A Quiet morning in Iraq

The 105th left 2 days ago to go back home. Either they are still outprocessing through Kuwait or hopefully God is watching over them as they fly back to the East Coast.

Learning is not as difficult anymore, only that I woeey about the boys, the 2 mechanics I am over...

Right now I'm having a hard time looking ahead, like couple months long term-wise, ( no wonder people stay long terms in military..) I pray this war ends soon, at least have Coalition forces begin pulling back. What does it matter if Iraq is free, the Iraqi people need to decide for themselves, yet politics is a dirty game -----How many will die before they realize? It's been too many already... (these are my personal opinions, they do not reflect the general opinion of soldiers, nor the army---disclaimer!)


Already I am working long hours.

My body's exhausted from the constant movement through the heat, driving, walking, running and even typing! I know it's early in the game to bitch but im jus...tired.


It has been mad crazy here, I cannot believe i am in a war zone and people here are worried over little trival things. I am disgusted with it. i go to bed each night with my problems in my head and i wake up each morning thinking about the same issues, i think its why i woke up and have found 1 GRAY HAIR-- I'm only 22! I want to pull it out so bad but I'm gonna leave it as a constant reminder to people to not Fuck wit' me!

I would have written in the journal the past week but honestly after work I try to make up for the anti-socialism of being away from everybody so i sleep easily, im too exhausted.

It is a sunday morning, today is my first day off. I want to chill and relax most of the day, I think i will grab my dvds from Hill that i let borrow.

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nice memory
nice memory
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