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The Tigris River, in Iraq 2007


Let's flashback to High School first: ah im in either my junior year or sophomore year at Cap High and we have to take Fine Arts course every semester. I can remember sitting in and we had to read about places around the world and looking at the photos of ruins at Ancient Greece, Rome, Mesopatamia, etc. I think my favorite picture i can re-call is Babylon. Its the tower arch structure and it was portrayed in blue and gold scripture ( hope i dont make this up..i vaguely remember)


I liked researching the Babylon era, especially the Land of the Two rivers (this shortly after Post 9/11). I can remember reading about the Tigris and Euphrates river and the importance of the rivers in this land and why there were so many wars that have occured for thousands of years.

Me making my appearance, im heading toward the Tigris River
I'm no more of a expert than the current high schoolers that can do a presentation using power-points..but i'm using this intro to lead into a recent experiance that occured late last year.


Couple years later after i left high school...we rolled through Downtown Tikrit, damn cows in the way again , I.P.s at every traffic stop intersection, they wear their ski masks so you can't identify them, which is a good/bad thing, one wrong move and ..let's leave it at that...

We rolled into one of their compounds and it was nice...i mean for a war-torn palace that use to belong to Saddam, it's always popular to take photos of anything that was erected by the late dictator.

We parked, i had to use the restroom and i cannot explain of un-sanitary the stalls were.

in a compound in downtown Tikrit. fun stuff...
..but you don't have time to complain..time is precious..i did my business and we had a walking tour by Iraqi friendlies and there it was the Tigris river.  MY OPSEC RULE: IM NOT NAMING ANY NAMES OF PLACES.. 

When i stood there looking at it, i was right by the riverbank, one of the soldiers was filming me,lol, it was one of those off-wall videos but i didnt say much on camera. I was remembering being back in school and reading about Mesopatamia, Babylon and the Tigris river. The feeling was like when you know Traveler when you watch a movie or a book and then you finally go to that place or see that place for the first time. It always makes any trip worthwhile. And I have felt that before but Traveler...i never felt that kind of feeling, coming to a place for the first time and become shocked, surprised like WOW, i remember this place, i cant believe im here.

My Heroes!
The river was cool, no garbage in sight or bodies. It is wide and the water was nice, like any river back home but as a Art geek (me!) this river has History, Iraq has old history, and Traveler...i think I felt like i was a part of it...because i was there.

i spent like 10 minutes hanging out down there, smokin' and jokin with the Iraqi military. then we had to leave. I didnt get to go to Baghdad this trip nor any place down south, but i think seeing the river was highlight of my trip, not to the other guys cuz they dont know as much as me...LOL.

i hope for the best for this country, there is still a lot of work to be done for peace. will i plan to come back here? I hope never.

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The Tigris River, in Iraq 2007
The Tigris River, in Iraq 2007
Me making my appearance, im headin…
Me making my appearance, im headi…
in a compound in downtown Tikrit.…
My Heroes!
My Heroes!
I didnt know 5 years ago I would …
I didn't know 5 years ago I would…