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at 2am in the morning we have crossed into Iraqi airspace, theres no going back now, these soldiers have been wore out, anxious...not to be in Iraq..but to come back home again. that wait on that flight felt like an eternity

For military members, there isn't a single word to describe mobilizing to a combat zone. it doesn't matter what your job is suppose to be, whether u go out the wire or not. the plane ride from 'The Gateway' to Iraq or even Afghanistan has it's own emotions. you sit on the plane for that 2 hours or however long it takes to get to your destination. Most of joke a lot, it is our un-official way of life, the flip-side of our military bearing- smoking & joking, chuck norris jokes like my favorite one, " Jesus walks on water, but Chuck Norris walks on Jesus" c'mon, ok religious fanatics laugh?!

Anyways, this was my first trip to Iraq, let alone the Middle East. And it was all-expense paid trip, courteous of the Army.  Yet seriously it was a quiet trip.

Home Sweet F***** Home!!
People were solemn, many thinking of family that we had last seen only 5 days ago. I think at the time i was taking this picture I was hoping that the plane doesn't crash, that would suck, do we even get anything ? that wouldnt be what i would want to be remembered for, so i thought of other things. Was i afraid...not really, i mean I knew i was coming here, i wanted to do this, wish the next 12 months away and come back home, ( So far so good - as of 30 APR 08!)

In this these photos my focus is to show the humanistic side of being a American soldier, sounds like a daunting task because i am doing the best i can to not violate any OPSEC rules or show any identifing places and if u ( reader) think i am then I am more than willing to take stuff off here.

After a few days we had a cookout. Nothing like 'camel' burger mmmhm bitch
I am just so tired of the wrong perception of soldiers, airman, marines , and coast guard viewed as statistics as casualties. i wont speak politics, and i dont want to. I work with the best citizen-soldiers that America has to offer, i have ate with them, trained with them, cried with them and know a side of most people that their families may never understand. ladies and gentlemen the american soldier is not jus a hero, they jus made a choice many of you have not made, and for that i am proud.

oh yea --We landed around 2am and when i landed, my duffle bag in one hand, my rifle in the other, I chosed carefully what I would say when I would land on the country of Iraq.

" Where are the yachts", if u watched Goldie Hawn's "Private Benjamin"  u know what I mean because that is exactly what I felt.

Home Sweet Home! The old track where we still run today! Although the ancient stadium seating is still war-torn! Not safe to run up and down...
  if u dont, go watch it! its one of my FAV movies. That scene was exactly how i felt when i step in the land of the two rivers.

The next 2 hours were a blurr...we were quickly moved to an area that looked to be a conference room and we recieved a 'Welcome Brief', nothing like a welcome brief at 3am in the morning. Afterwards we had to recover our bags, which would take 30 mins and then we were transported by small buses to our 'LSA'.

As we were moving in, most people bitching as usual, my roommate and I excited of all the events I decided to stay up. Why Sleep? I stayed up that morning to watch the sun rise over the T-Walls. I was exhausted but I knew i will probably never watch the sun rise that early again. I was wrong...I would watch the sun rise in Iraq perhaps 40-50 some times during my tour...

Saskia007 says:
Ahh Chuck Norris jokes - my class loves them, who doesn't :) Great entry
Posted on: Oct 28, 2010
mpmurph133 says:
Great entry.
Posted on: Aug 29, 2008
mistyleatherneck says:
ahhh yes the Chuck Norris jokes were all the time over there!!!! hehehehehehhee
Posted on: Jun 25, 2008
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at 2am in the morning we have cros…
at 2am in the morning we have cro…
Home Sweet F***** Home!!
Home Sweet F***** Home!!
After a few days we had a cookout.…
After a few days we had a cookout…
Home Sweet Home! The old track whe…
Home Sweet Home! The old track wh…