Moved Out today, tonight I sleep on a cot..

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So I finished up moving the remaining junk out of my CHU. All that remains is my bed sheets, my uniform and my laptop...I'm no hurry to move out there to the tent but this new unit comes in any day now. I'm excited, means these soldiers are replacing us and i get to leave this hell hole shortly.

I still got a few stuff to mail back home and i should be getting ready for this course next month in Utah, thats 30 days away now..

This deployment has been a test of my nerves, my transition of field soldier to TOC rat!

I'm keeping this short and sweet, i wish the rest of my time in Iraq was like it but if y'all knew the shit that has to get done to do a changeover process...i got one white hair in my brunette hair..thats driving me nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mistyleatherneck says:
ahhh yes , mailing our belongings home right before we left country. the lines were so long at the post office, but guess what, our stuff was waiting for us when we got home, at least mine was. when it got there and when I got home and opened it up, I missed Iraq immediately. I missed the smells, the sounds, the friendships!!!!
Posted on: Jun 25, 2008
cvanzoen says:
Thanks for sharing this blog with us. It gives a whole new perspective on the military activities. Get back save!
Posted on: May 13, 2008
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