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It was the worst christmas ever for me!!! No alcohol, no boyfriend, no FAM!! I was so distraught i wouldnt go to Christmas Dinner..I got Real and thought Bah Humbug

First off Christmas in Iraq sucked. Period. I had a right to not be in a festive mood. I'm writing about it now cuz now I'm getting ready to leave!! But i was really in a bad mood around that time. I made phone calls on christmas eve cuz I had a feeling there would be a shit-load of people trying to call and contact their families.

I didnt go to breakfast chow, cuz i decided to sleep in an extra hour, around 10am i decided that i wanted to barbeque for my boys for lunch so i went down to the PX and picked up chicken wings, corn, bread loaves, Near-Beer. I grilled outside for lunch and had it ready around 1pm. It kept my mind off christmas for a while.

When dinner came, I stayed in my Chu. i didnt want to celebrate christmas, i have a right to not have to, sad but i was not in the spirit this year!!! Being away from your family for a long time is rough, but i do know that a few of my friends either stopped by or i was around my neighborhood and they made me feel better, jus a lil!

I'm sure it is a feeling many a soldier through the ages have felt, it is the same feeling, regardless of what technology you're working with!

Although i have been focusing this internally, around me there were signs of holiday queer---'er, i mean holiday cheer, there were christmas trees.

Ive learned that non-alcoholic sparkling cider taste really, really good : (
.even tho it was dusty with lights..around buildings...soldiers carrying loads of packages from mail call... yet when i walk around, when i crossed the road on X-mas, the war takes no holiday.....RG 31 prowl with the gunner manning .50 Cal. The CASH doesnt shut down, somewhere somehow someone will come in with a injury. and it's expected could even calculate maybe next thursday there may be 8 patients from a 10 hour period...and i think that has made us feel complacent...we're so use to this day to day grind ...i think these thoughts of those working thro x-mas were more on my mind then my own self-imposed depressions!

There is a first for everything, even when to play a 'Scrooge', : )

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It was the worst christmas ever fo…
It was the worst christmas ever f…
Ive learned that non-alcoholic spa…
Ive learned that non-alcoholic sp…
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