Swimsuit shopping in Dominica : fruitless frustration.

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Fellow shoppers in Roseau.
No word on my lost luggage. There will surely be no diving in Dominica without a swimsuit, so I take matters into my own hands... there could be worse things than a shopping trip in Dominica!

After a decent buffet breakfast at Fort Young Hotel (I thought all Caribbean breakfasts featured those annoying black bird guests, sitting on the fruit, stealing the bread, delighting young children and annoying their adults. The bird problem does not seem to exist here, which makes this a first for me. No complaints!), Steve and I head to town to procure an outfit and a swimsuit. It should be easy, right? I am practically a professional shopper. And we are surrounded by water - there must be swimsuits in every store! But after combing the town, visiting as many shops as we could find, I am still swimsuit-less and Steve is getting cranky.
Street musician with Marge Simpson-style hair in Roseau.
I have found, however, a pair of sporty shorts and an orange "Dominica" tank top. (it's not pretty, but at least it doesn't have the apparently popular beaded fringe or sequins).

Hot and tired, Steve and I lunch at Corner Cafe, which has an impressive selection of vegetarian options (most of which they are out of, by the way). We sit on the second floor deck and watch the street scene below. And watch, And wait. And wait. We get annoyed because we have yet to get used to the Caribbean timeline on these things. Finally, our food comes and we are happy again.

We missed diving today, but were able to join a guided group for an afternoon hike to Middleham Falls in the Morne Trois Pitons National Park. After a short but hair raising drive, Steve and I embark on a 45-minute hike with our guide Kent and 6 other hikers. The pace is somewhat slow, and I like to take these things fast, so I race ahead of the group. I am most likely annoying them all, but I can't help myself. Plus, this way I get to enjoy some solitude and pretend I have the forest to myself. It's beautiful and rugged, with lots of climbs and crude stairs - wonderful! At the waterfall, Steve and sisters Carol and Eddy hike down for a chilly dip in the Falls (swimsuit-less still, I stay behind to photograph the actvities).

Finally, at long last ... my luggage arrives at 10:45 pm. Celebrations ensue!
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Fellow shoppers in Roseau.
Fellow shoppers in Roseau.
Street musician with Marge Simpson…
Street musician with Marge Simpso…
Shelling out for shorts.
Shelling out for shorts.
Middleham Falls hike in Morne Troi…
Middleham Falls hike in Morne Tro…
photo by: cmgervais