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We got up about 5 so we could all be out and on the road by 6.  Everything was going according to plan when all of a sudden 2 blocks awat from the hotel my truck breaks down.  Now we are stranded onthe side of the road in front of the New Orleans Convention Center.  This particular problem was not new to my truck I had my starter replaced and then a wek later I had to bring it back to the repair shop so they could fix it again and now a third time 1500 miles from home.  I called AAA and they told me the account had been canceled back in october of 04 after arguing for quite some time with the woman I told her I wanted 4 years of membership dues back.  I no it wasnt cancelled because I went off the road on a patch of ice a few weeks prior to that and called AAA to get me out of the ditch.  She didnt believe me.  I called my father in Maine he called AAA and all of a sudden they were on thier way to help me!  Problem #2 not enough room for all of us in the tow truck Sooooo I had to leave Ralph and Dougie behind in New Orleans while I went with my truck to a dealership in the next town over who doesnt take credidt cars over the phone.   Again a call to dad and problem solved My dealership in Maine called the dealership in Louisiana and worked everything out.  As Im sitting ion the waiting room for my truck to get done the new comes on TV 7 people were shot the night before and there were all sorts of tornados spawning everywhere to the north directly where we were suppsed to be driving through!  Good thing we turned in early.  The truck is finished and now Im off to try to find my way back to Raplh and Dougie I hate being lost finally I found them picked them up and we were on our way however we didnt get to see any tornados they had already moved through the area buy the time we got back onto the road.  The rest of the trip remained uneventfull all the way home. 
bkretzer says:
Thank God for Dad! Just think, if none of this happened, you would have to make stuff up for this blog!
Posted on: Apr 13, 2008
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