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Im so excited about Disney world....Its gonna be SSSSOoOooOo much fun I can't wait....I still think my daughters in shock cuz I don;t think she believes me...

The sad thing is Ive been puttin this trip off for TOO long and thats probably why she doesn't believe me cuz every year she asks to go and every year I say I will I will Iwill I will over and over again but finally I said...I AM! Ive been putting it off for so long being a one parenter Ive had to wait till she got old enough to listen and be wise about choices...I got lost in Disney World once. I was only 5 or 6 years old but I remember being lost in this wonderful kingdom SCARED OUT OF MY MIND....It was kinda funny cuz Im short so let me lay out the story line...April 5 yrs old MAYBE 3 ft tall, maybe, wanted to go on the bumper cars so my gma took me to the line and left me there to go wait by the exit....Well being DISNEY the exit was Clear around the other side So my little ass waited and waited till I got to the line up guy and boy was I TOO SHORT so he pushed me out of line back out the entrance.....THEN I was lost....I proceed to yell for my gram but of course SHE WASN"T THERE she was at the exit so I began to walk the way she walked...following this HUGE bumper car building and It never ends...I can't find her so I start to panic....PANIC...I remember crying when this REALLY TALL man approached me and said are you lost and I remember lying at first since he was a very tall stranger and He must of sensed I was scared of him cuz he waved down this girl....THEY were disney workers and once she came over I told them I lost my grandma...I remember them asking me what she looked like cuz we just came off a water ride and I said...well she's old and wearing a pink shirt and OH yeah shes WET!

It wasn't 3 minutes they found her laughing as they said She was the ONLY wet old lady in the park!!!! We all got a good laugh but anyways I don't wan't my daughter being lost at such a young little age...NOW that shes 8 and almost as tall as me already ( her dad was 6'5") shes gonna be TALL...I know we can get on most of the rides together....

I might of went sooner if I ever found someone to share this experience with Us. But know one is worthy or no one truely wants it....I dont want to think of how many times a EX , or a friend, or even Family...offered to go with US but always bailed always had other priorities....Its not like I was wanting a free trip I CAN pay Our own way That how it IS and how its BEEN....EVEN know that I have the money and have planned all this I asked a couple friends...people if HEY YOU PAY YOUR OWN WAY AND STAY ETC...then come with US but I guess THE FUN IS ALL FOR US>>>>>LOSERS I HATE fake people

Im so glad everything has been going really GOOD this year besides the fact that ive been Super BUSY!  So if you haven't heard from me you now know why...Ive been working and PLANNING MY DISNEY DREAM VACA

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