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let me tell you about my new friend who i sadly shall never see again - Stewie, the dog no-one loved. whilst in villa la angostura, which is a little village in the middle of a national park, we were befriended by this dog. there's loads of stray dogs in argentina - most are pretty mangy, some are vicious, others just sit around. those of you who've known me for some time will know that i don't like dogs. in fact i downright hate them. in fact they fucking terrify me. but stewie was different. he was a bit like me with really bad long black hair which permanently covered his eyes, slobbering all the time and pretty thick. you can tell we immediately had a lot in common. he was wandering around near one of the roads leaving town with no real purpose when we walked past. then he started to follow us alternating between licking our legs (REALLY grim) and running ahead of us. he had a collar despite his mankiness and so we assumed that he lived somewhere and would fuck off sooner or later. but no he didnt and so he kept on following us we walked a couple of kilometres from our hostel to one of the beaches by the lake. there he sploshed around in the water and bounded back after us as we tried to escape. and here lay the problem. we'd already taken him a few k from where we found him and so some doggy moral code within us decided we couldn't leave him somewhere unfamiliar (as he was so stupid) hence we walked him back to where our paths first crossed hoping he'd go home. but no he didn't. we can only assume that he had no friends, human or animal, (all the dogs he met on the way tried to tear him to pieces and he bounded into the picnic area of a restaurant leaping onto the tables of the diners) and must have thought that we would be in his gang. as dusk began to fall, ANNA said that we had to ditch him. he was too quick. we became desperate. anna walked with him a few metres passed the gate to our hostel whilst i held back and opened the gate. quickly she scurried back in when the gate was open and i slammed it shut. yes. that's right. i slammed it shut and left him out in the road. i felt like bloody sophie in fucking Sophie's Choice. it gets worse. he leapt onto his hind legs and started scratching frantically at the gate. "why", he must have thought, "would they leave me out here like this? they were the best friends i ever had." then he started to whimper before letting out a piercing howl. howling continuously. we padded back inside and went to our room. later that evening we wandered out again to get a beer. stewie was nowhere to be seen. we were there another night and there was no sign of him, nor did he show up to wave our bus off (and why would he after he had been publicly dissed so badly). he was gone. out of our lives forever. i like to think he's happy, padding about the fields around villa la angostura but he's probably dead in a ditch somewhere.

back to bariloche next and then out of argie and into chile!

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Villa La Angostura
photo by: CaptPugwash