Budapest day two part one... the cultural part.

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Giat Pitchers of ale... total cost £2.30 for both... bargain.
Woke up at 8am to realise that I was still rather drunk... considering I couldnt walk to the bathroom properly... Went back to bed and missed breakfast, woke up at 11.00 and lazed round for a bit, feeling like a dead Albanian drug pusher.

Headed to town, for food at pizza express which is weeeelllllll cheap over here, two pizzas two starters and drinks for £15. Bargain. Then we thought we would have a cultural touristy day, yay!! No... walking, grrrrr.

Ok so it was actually fun, we decided to go find this supposed museum on the top of a hill, so after getting a bus, a metro and a tram.. we started the 140m vertical climb (up stairs and hills) to the top of what can only be described as ben nevis's smaller son. On the way we stopped to breathe, and look at various monuments and a church in a cave thing. I got some holy water. heh. The views out over Budapest were stunning, and even though it was overcast got some brilliant pics. Eventually got to the top, to realise we had gone up the wrong hill, and the museum we wanted wasnt there. So back down we went.

On the way to hill number two we stopped at a house alarm techno rave, it was a bit empty but we had fun.. Found the next hill, and got the funicular (odd carrige train thing) To the top, as we were BLATES dead afta the last hill. The architecture was amazing ectect, and found the museum we wanted... went to the wrong building though, and ended looking round the hungarian national arts gallery. It was impressive with some wikkid cubist expressionism-shit. And some amazing screen prints. Alot of bollox too. But there was an impressive sculpture of a dead skeleton king in a throne (charlie wasnt happy with the welding quality though..)

Anyways.. skip to the end....... Got some cool pics, got some food from spar on the way back, now gonna watch boosh for a shizzle and bizzle then get ready to go out. Its K2 Club tonight for some Techno and stuff. Part two still to come..

Quote for the day...

Liz: Naked sex isnt always good...
Charlie: Im all for naked sex to be honest.
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ok, so its five past six and we have just got home....... Fucking mental night... Didnt manage to leave the hotel room to hit the town untill 11.30ish. We headed to Kuplung again, still amazed by the place. The people, the beer prices and the surroundings are wikkid-bad. I would definately come here again just to go to that bar. After sitting in there and downing three double vodka red bulls to over come the hangover i was still feeling from last night, I realised i was actually pretty hammered. Probs cos i drank so much vodka in the space of half an hour!!! Then thought fuck this... were on a mission...

We knew where we were heading after kuplung (k2) And we knew it was gonna be playing some fucking hardcore techno, so there fore d-r-u-g-s were a perfectly viable option. Looked around and saw no one who looked dodgy enough to ask. Then by chance a guy who we met the night before called Richard came in. He is a sound guy, and had just come from k2 to see if he could find  us because he knew we were going to be in the general area, how sweet!! Anyway he had some speed and just randomly put it in a pile on the table in the middle of the bar, whilst the barmaid was collecting glasses.. and not an eyelid was batted... wtf?? it would be 2-5 in the slammer for that in the uk!!

After doing the obvious with what we had been offered, we took a mosey to k2, good job Richard was there because we hadnt a clue where we were going, in fact i cant actually remember getting there. All i know is that we went up some dark alley, up some stairs and there was some guys sitting in deck chairs taking money from people for entry. It was like some illegal party, in a school. Long hallways and loadsa random rooms filled with absolutely munted people. Everyone in there was selling or buying, it was like a drug den paradise?!?!?!

Managed to score some random red things and a bag of something white, with Richards help of course, havnt really got a clue what it all was cos of the language barrier, but i assume its what we wanted, and it worked, good. hence the constant babbling, and charlies inexplicable torment from the dreded "triangles" - he has now come to terms with the fact that they are there and so is he, so he has to live in harmony with... they are apparently quite difficult to reason with, but when you realise they are only triangles its ok. (hahahaha thats funny as fuck) After 20 mins of so, the three of us were dancing like twats to some of the most repetative schranz-techno ever. But I wasnt complaining... i can still hear it in my head now..... like a car alarm going off with someone hitting a dustbin over the top. (see part one for house alarm rave earlier)LOLLLLLS!

Anyways, club closed at 5....lame could have gone till 7078654 at least.. hence the reason im up now awake like a pig in a barrel of mustard hahahaha babbbbbbling shit to a computer, that no one is ever going to read. If you made it this far, well fucking unlucky. Innnnit.

Just banged some temazepam avec some progressive-electro-house-synthesis because im well gay, and have decided it MAY be almost time to  shut the fuck up and stop typing?????????? I am gonna be feeling rough in the morning. yeah yeah oh yay. Gotta stop sharking a minute for chips.. and .. drinks...

my god, so much fun.

quotes for this evening...

FUCK KNOWS??!!!!! although me and charlie spent two hours freestyling earlier, we spat some sick lyrics innit blad. MC council, and MC rarrrrr inda house bruv. The end.

Giat Pitchers of ale... total cost…
Giat Pitchers of ale... total cos…
photo by: Chokk