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Me and a guy we met out there Richard.

So we arrived and shit, after a long a tiresome plane journey watching boosh seris three like gangstas on charlies laptop, laffing like a couple of twats. EEELLLS EEEELSS EEEEELLLS!!!! Eeeellls.

After getting back to the hotel, and realising it was like something out of dallas or some other 80's tv sitcom obsessed with green, we had showers got clean and shit, then went on a random walk into town, to venture out and get food for our long waiting tummys. And stuff. And innit. Yeah. Anyway.... we then went on a slight venture tontry and find a very obscure bar, yet they were few and far between. yet me and charlie being who we are found the only gay bar in a hundred mile radius. Relight my fire... say no more.

The there was Faithless.. and then came hope.

Charlie and Richard a bit drunk in a pretty cool club..
With vodka.


We found some wikkid bad shops on the way round town, including THE ADIDAS SHOP!!! And the adidas shop, adidas shop oh and carharrt too. Pics will follow. There is some well cool Graff out here, its all abit messy but looks wikkid bad all the same. Like jackson, cock muff bumhole.and shit. yeah.

We then decided to find as bar we saw in a magazine, that sounded well jackson, massive, rave, amaze, breakthru. Fo'Sho'Mo'Fo. After much searching, there was much rejoycing, 2 big massive bouncers pointed us in the right direction down a dark graffd up allyway to a set of metal door that looked like they had been pummeled by something giant and large. When we got in there (the bar was called Kuplunk) It was the most scutty'est amazing, fucked up pile of good bollox we had ever seen.

Me on top of a MASSIVE hill, it took a long time to walk up there so we took in the views half way up.
Playing dubstep, hiphop anfd trance techno It was like a ghetto, the bronx but with a bar, and better and shit. With a giant whale carcass hanging from the ceiling and some amazing artwork on the walls. And bog walls. And some phitt birds mate. oh yeh.

Then it all started to go wtrong, probably because of the cheap ass alcohol, at this point a hungarian non-phitty started to try and get his hands down my pants, with some harsh words from charlie and we bravely ran away, we made it out in time.

And so forth to a club called.... MONO!!! It was a progressive electro house synthesis bollox, full of pretentious wankers who had no penis's. strange cos i was the only female in there...... I had more balls than them, charlie complained. Never the less, we drank pitchers of ale.

Me and charlie at the Tram station by The Hungarian National Gallery after a long day. Budapest by Night is beautiful, The danube glows...
... large ones, and took random photos of us smoking INSIDE flaunting it like the bitches we are. After trying to buy drugs from a bunch of drippy hungarian twats, we realised that there was only one thing to do... and that was dance, so we did. And drink. Lots, and some more, and drink. yeh. The same song played for three hours. And after eating two rat burgers each, we are at the hotel room and i dont know how or why, its 4 in the morning and im drinking sparkling perrier water wishing it was the phitt jap girls cum, who we had seen earlier in the gay bar. BTW she was well on  for some bukkake. but everyone else in the bar apart from charlie loved the cock. Unlucky for him.

Quotes for the day.....

We are awsome... you do know that dont you?

Why do we manage to find the only gay bar in budapest???

MMmmmmm Rat burger, times two.

Where did that picture come from?

Awwww, I can taste the rat... and they are rubbish.

So anyway next update same time tomorrow, watch out Budapest.

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Me and a guy we met out there Rich…
Me and a guy we met out there Ric…
Charlie and Richard a bit drunk in…
Charlie and Richard a bit drunk i…
Me on top of a MASSIVE hill, it to…
Me on top of a MASSIVE hill, it t…
Me and charlie at the Tram station…
Me and charlie at the Tram statio…
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photo by: Chokk