Day 1: Flying Alone Again

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I went to work half-day and carried my luggage with me so that I could go straight to the airport. My flight was at around 5AM, and my half-day work ended at 1AM, so I had plenty of time before boarding. I made sure to come to the airport early so I can book a seat near the windows and hopefully take some pics of the rising sun. Luckily, I got one!

My plane was there on time (prolly because it's the first flight of the day, otherwise...). We boarded on time as well, and after several minutes, we took off. I remember wishing that I had someone with me cuz I'm kinda sick of flying alone, but oh well. After a few minutes, the sun started to appear behind the clouds, and then I started to point and shoot. I'm no professional photog, and I only have a digicam with me, so the pics are not as good as I wanted them to be.
a big smile after my first Davao breakfast
Moreover, I don't think a lot of people get excited seeing early-morning clouds as I did (guess I'm just very shallow).  Needless to say, I got as excited as a kid on his first plane trip, and that's saying a lot! :D

The plane landed a few minutes earlier than scheduled, and again, I noticed that the airport was way better than Manila's. Honestly, I'm no longer surprised. I think all airports in major cities across the country have better airports than Manila (sucks). Kathy fetched me from the airport and took me to her aunt's house where I'd be staying as a guest. The whole taxi ride took almost an hour. Only then did I realize how HUGE the whole city is. It's the biggest city in the world, for crying out loud! Land area-wise, at least.
i'm on a high, on a high...
I also got my first taste of the honesty and simplicity of Davaoenos.  Imagine, an un-rigged taxi meter and returning your change down to the last cent! You will only understand my reaction if you've lived in Manila at least half of your life.

Next, we dropped by a fast-food chain where I had my very first breakfast in Mindanao Island. Where? Jollibee, of course!!! Hahaha!!! After breakfast, we went to Kathy's aunt's house, I unpacked, we went to SM Davao (surprise!) so I can buy some stuff, then watched a movie called "Rise" starring Lucy Liu. I insisted on seeing it since we don't have anything to do that day (plus I love vampire movies), but sadly, the movie sucked big time unless you consider lots of Lucy Liu ass-and-boobs shots good (I still want my money back). After the movie, we ate dinner, went home, and slept early. Before falling asleep, I still couldn't believe that I was in freaking Mindanao. Finalement...

NOTE: to be continued tomorrow. i feel too lazy to finish it today hehehe...
JeAr says:
yes, exactly! did i mention that i love vampire movies??? :D
Posted on: Mar 27, 2008
jegs76 says:
ng bampira-movies LOL
Posted on: Mar 27, 2008
sylviandavid says:
Great start to a fun time.... (except for the movie)... You look pretty happy after your breakfast.... Sylvia
Posted on: Mar 24, 2008
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view from the top
view from the top
a big smile after my first Davao b…
a big smile after my first Davao …
im on a high, on a high...
i'm on a high, on a high...
im guessing Globe or Smart hehehe…
i'm guessing Globe or Smart heheh…