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Scare Coeur
i landed at 6:20am!

I got no sleep on the plane (the 2nd
flight as the first flight was only 5
hours and thus was watching top gear).
I made the mistake of sitting in
front of the toilet. Seriously will
never do that again as its one of the
loudest noises (like a thunder strike
behind my head every few minutes),
every time I started to relax and
thought about sleep someone would flush
the loo and I would get a massive shock.

Let me say that terminal 1 of Charles De Gaulle airport is insane, I have
never been in such a crazy airport before. After the 13 hour flight from
Singapore the taxi to the terminal seemed to take forever, atleast 10
minutes. When I got to the gate the fun really started, the jet bridge from
the plane to the terminal seemed never ending and after that you go down an
escalator to a narrow windowless tunnel that has hills and all sorts of
Eiffel Tower
It’s a really long trip but
fortunately its all on one of those
horizontal escalator things. When the
light is finally at the end of the
tunnel you exit to the entrance of a
massive multilevel dome. This dome is
filled with glass walkway tubes that
go everywhere like S bends. Unlike the
previous tunnel there is no help
getting to the top, just a spongy
bouncy floor. After that I got my bag
and walked out, security in france
don’t even look at you if you have a
European passport.

I met my Sister Suzanne at the airport
and we took a taxi to the hotel.

About 9am after dumping my luggage, Suzie and I walked to the Sacre Coeur.
There we had some breakfast amongst all the tiny cafes just below it. After
Breakfast which for me was some croissants with jam and a hot chocolate
(bloody cold here in the mornings) we decided to climb up the top of the
Sacre Coeur.
view from the Eiffel Tower
It is a very dizzying climb
at the tower especially since I hadn’t
slept since friday, the view from the
top was so worth the climb.

I then decided I wanted to see the
Eiffel Tower, so we caught the metro
trains to the Eiffel tower stop.
Because I was buggered at this point
Suzie and I chose to take the lift
to level 2 and joined the queue to
what we thought was the lift queue.
It was only after the 45minute wait
that we noticed the sign saying stairs
queue. I didn’t want to line up again
so I paid for my ticket and started
climbing the 650 stairs to the 2nd level. Like before the view made
up for the tiring climb. From level 2 I took the lift to the very top
of the tower which was cool. The walk back down wasn’t so bad.

Whilst being on the 3rd level I saw the place where my river cruise boat
departed from.
on the 3rd level of the Eiffel tower
It was only a couple of minutes to
walk to the boat and then got to
enjoy a relaxing hour long cruise
on the seine river. After the cruise
we took the metro back to our hotel
and we got there at about 6:30pm,
this was just enough time to shower
and get ready for the evening. Again
taking the metro to the meeting place,
I got on a tour bus that showed off
the lights of Paris. This tour ended
up at the Moulin Rouge.

The Moulin Rouge is an interesting
place. First of all the queue was
funny in the fact that it goes trough
the building next door, you enter the building, climb the stairs to the
top go down the other side and then exit again. Inside there are tables
for 8 people each. They really cram people in here fitting in over a
1000 people in a space that you shouldn’t even have half that.
Moulin Rouge at night

So squished up that your back is
against someone else’s and you
literally can’t move out of your
chair unless about 20 other people
also first move. I really enjoyed
the show, its not all about the nude
dancing girls (although that was
nice :P ) My favourite part of he
show was where a man and a woman were
doing strength dancing. Like he would
have 1 hand on the ground and she
would be upside down with her head
on his, they were on for about 20
minutes doing really amazing stuff.

The show finished round 2:30 in the morning and then we walked back to
the hotel, finally went to bed at 3am Tuesday morning after being awake
since the Friday.
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Scare Coeur
Scare Coeur
Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower
view from the Eiffel Tower
view from the Eiffel Tower
on the 3rd level of the Eiffel tow…
on the 3rd level of the Eiffel to…
Moulin Rouge at night
Moulin Rouge at night
First look at Eiffel Tower
First look at Eiffel Tower
the Arc de Triumph viewed from Eif…
the Arc de Triumph viewed from Ei…
view from the Eiffel Tower
view from the Eiffel Tower
the Seine River
the Seine River
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