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I had heard a lot about this amazing full English Tea that the hotel did on Sundays, so we made a point of doing that.  It ended up being a mistake; we were in Bangkok for goodness sake - what were we doing in the hotel lobby for all that time eating mediocre, overpriced food and tea?  Again - when in doubt, eat cheap and on the street I say... I wish I listened to myself more sometimes.  Oh well.  We still had a great time with each other's company and laughed a lot.

That afternoon we wandered around one last time in the alleys by the hotel, did some final shopping, and took some final pictures.  Then it was up to the room, to throw out whatever didn't absolutely have to go home with us to make the packing work - after 3 weeks, our bags were a mess!  We spread everything out and started over.

Gracie wanted to pick up one final thing from a shop she had seen, and I said I'd go with her.  I ended up getting seperated from her a little, however, and realized I was being followed a little too close, and getting a very strange vibe from the silent stranger behind me.  On the whole trip, while getting grabbed at, pushed at, yelled at, what have you, I'd never felt funny or threatened; but now I did, as these silent footsteps followed a pace behind mine.  Then, just as we got to the darkest section of the alley, the man behind me let out a fake cough; and I listened in shock as IT WAS ANSWERED FROM SOME OTHER MAN, HIDING IN THE SHADOWS ACROSS THE ALLEY!!!  That's when I knew I was in trouble.  Just then, I saw a policeman turn the corner across the street up ahead, and I took off in a sprint as quickly as my legs could take me.  I could tell they were startled, and I just kept running, without looking back.  When I finally reached the policeman, I looked back; the man that had been following me had now crossed the alley and was conversing with the other man that was croutching in the hiding place.  I found Gracie and we got back to the hotel. 

Once we had all our bags in order, Gracie and Michelle talked me into going to a little local Thai foot massage place near the hotel.  It must have been midnight when we got there.  It was a room filled with reclyning chairs, basically, and they gave us feet massages that lasted for an hour.  The cost was only $6.00, but of course we gave them quite a bit more than that.

Then, very late, after another late night visit on our beloved balcony over the river, we went to sleep in Bangkok one last time.

WaltJake says:
I'm glad you were aware of the situation you were in and able to take immediate steps to avoid trouble! That's all you need, to get mugged or worse on your last day in the city!
Posted on: Feb 10, 2007
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