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Ice-breaking social. Can you see the full band?

Japan's airport was not as futuristic and robotic as we had imagined it would be. They were very courteous for smokers, providing a room with lighters. The flight to Thailand was far more comfortable than the previous one, and shorter, at 6 hours instead of 10. I watched the Darjeeling Limited, and slept.

Bangkok's airport is very nice, and was the futuristic wonderland we were waiting for. We got into busses provided by the university watched welcome videos as we drove on in the night. The roads had many juxtapositions, such as shacks next to Volvo dealerships.

Assumption gave us a grand entrance into an amazingly beautiful campus. Even in the muggy night, even though we were exhausted, we all seemed to be in good moods. Around 2 am we made it to bed and started getting adjusted to this new environment.

Gearing up to compete.

Yesterday, when we woke up, we had breakfast and began registration for the tournament. It was a long process but get got a great messenger bag filled with tournament information and debate supplies. Before lunch, we (minus Chris) walked all over the campus and got to know our new surroundings. The lake in the middle of campus has swans in it, and the bathrooms had cut roses. This is one classy place.

We went to the "mall" on campus (basically about 20 restaurants and a couple shops) for lunch, which ended up being about $3. And it was good.

We went to practice a little, but our skills were dampened by he time change so we cut it short. Rebecca and I did our hair and nails while watching the news to get ready for the icebreaking social. The social fed us well, although I wasn't too hungry. We drank, socialized, smoked, walked, sweat, and then went to bed. As I was getting changed for bed, the BBC was on, and I noticed that Benazir Bhutto had been assassinated. I'm not entirely sure why, but this was very shocking to me. It shook me emotionally. I fell asleep watching people mourn and violence erupting on the BBC. Perhaps it was the news, but even after a full night of sleep, I still felt groggy. We ate and made it to the common briefing, which I am currently ignoring. Very soon we shall be released, and a satisfying cigarette awaits me.

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Ice-breaking social. Can you see t…
Ice-breaking social. Can you see …
Gearing up to compete.
Gearing up to compete.
photo by: rintjez