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The actual entry I wrote for this day is gone now, but I remember writing it very clearly. I was in the last preliminary round of Worlds, and we were first government. I thought we'd done horribly. So badly that I just gave up. I stopped even asking POIs. I wrote an entry to talk about everything instead. I found out later that we got 2nd place in that round. My defeatism is usually unwarranted.

What had I done over the past three days?

We'd seen a gorgeous opening ceremony the night before compeition began, complete with Thai dancers and wonderful food. I met people from Indonesia, and we talked about Aceh, which is one of my pet topics in political science.

We'd competed in 9 preliminary rounds. I'd gotten nearly 50 bug bites (and frankly, that was probably a conservative estimate). We'd met amazing people from all over the world. I wish I'd kept that entry!

Anyway, after that round was over we went back to the dorms (where we were staying on campus) and got ready to go to the New Year's Eve celebtration, also known as Break Night (when teams find out who made it to Octofinals). I got separated from EVERYONE for this trip, which made me freak out a little bit. Also, I'd forgotten my camera, and was starting to get really bitter. I spent the hour long bus ride silently stewing/fuming to myself, but really thankful I'd brought a bottle of water with me.

When I made it to the park, it was a cigarette, a deep breath, and then my entrance. Deet covered as I was, and even wearing jeans, I was getting pretty bitten. I finally found my people, and they were lovely. Rebecca got me some food, Dave from Alaska spiked my soda with some of his Jameson, and I spent most of NYE sitting on a bench, sipping beer, and observing people around me getting progressively more drunk. Chris and I had a conversation about debate, go figure, and were joined intermittently by people from our team or from Alaska. Then it was 2008... yay. Funny how it didn't feel any different.

We found out breaks. A few surprises from American teams, but all in all, the usual cast of characters, minus (surprisingly!) a significant amount of Canadians. Chris broke as a judge for ESL rounds, which is a pretty good honor. Steve from Alaska broke as a judge too, and I believe that was for the main break. Josh broke in Public Speaking. We got on the bus to go back to the dorms, and I fell asleep on the way, thankfully. The next day... wait til you hear...

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photo by: Deats