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Parma train station... home to tickets for Milan, Western Union Money Orders, and the Police Station. That's what I call one stop shopping.

Even though I still felt really sick, there were things that we needed to get done on this day, as it was our last day in Parma.  Laundry needed to be washed, I had to go pick up the money that was being wired to me, I had to find out about the train tickets to Milan for the next day to get the new passport, file a police report on the stolen passport (required to get the new one) and Michelle had some shopping she needed to get done at a few of the specialty food shops that Parma is famous for.

Since I felt so bad, I knew that I wasn't up to going with Michelle on the shopping trip; so I suggested that we split up to get things done; she did her shopping, I would pick up the money at the train station, so I'd already be there to check the tickets to Milan.

Parma's square
  The police station is attached to the train station, which meant all but the laundry could be done at one stop. 

Getting the money ended up being a huge hassle, but soon it was sorted and done.  Then on to the police station.  As I arrived outside it, I was already worn out from being sick.  I stopped out there to take a break.  The door to the police station was only semi-opaque, so you could see shadows thru it; or I guess I should say, the people INSIDE the station could see shadows OUTSIDE the station.  Next thing I know, a female police officer pops her head out the door to investigate me; with my big laundry bag on the ground and my purse next to me resting on the hood of a car.  She started to yell at me and I couldn't tell why for a moment, until I caught a few key words; it would seem that my purse was now resting on the Sergeant’s car.  Perfecto.

By that time, as I pulled it off, many more police were in the doorway trying to get a glimpse of the troublemaker and asking what happened, as she repeated as many times as was needed for the entire world to understand I had put my purse on the Sergeant’s car.

On the way to do laundry...
  I just kept trying to excuse myself, but it didn't seem to be helping.   They seemed surprised when I started to head in the door that I was actually there to see them. 

Ultimately, we got thru the police report, then I caught a taxi to the laundromat.  It took a couple hours to process all the laundry, and I was kept company by a very cool guy from Tunis, Tunisia that was passing thru town.  He didn't really speak English well, and my French is horrible, but somehow we managed to chat and have a nice afternoon.

Finally I was able to go back to the hotel.  We re-packed our bags with our now clean clothes, and headed down to dinner. 

I still didn't feel very well, and I ordered the sea bass, as did Michelle.

Sea Bass: What I'm used to...
  One of the interesting things about travel is that sometimes you don't know that something won't be the same as you're used to; I am  used to sea bass showing up on my plate as a rounded fat fillet of white meat, usually with some sort of sauce or side.  What I got, was a full, dead fish on a plate.

Michelle, who is currently enrolled in Culinary School and far more brave and knowledgeable than I am about food in general, assessed the situation quickly (I had tried to keep a very neutral look on my face, but she knows me pretty well)  This was a small hotel and we knew the people now; the man serving us, the man that was cooking... the last thing I wanted to do was offend them or hurt their feelings; but I really didn't want to eat that fish, either.

"I take it this wasn't what you were expecting?" Michelle quietly whispered to me in a low voice


...What I got. :-(
" was all I was able to muster.

"OK."  she said.   (I always love her sense of calm) "I'll talk you thru it."

She proceeded to do just that thru the whole meal; showing me how to remove the scales, avoid the most bones, etc.  It still wasn't my best meal, but I was grateful to her beyond words for making sure it looked eaten enough as to not look like I didn't want it.

Then we headed to up to the room, knowing it was going to be a really long day ahead of us...



Amanda says:
Michelle really is an unmatched travel partner. I feel so blessed to have her!! And yes, the fish is pretty upsetting, at least to me! Blech!
Posted on: Nov 30, 2007
AndiPerullo says:
Haha, there should be a little warning for the vegetarians when reading this blog! ;-)

Seriously, Michelle sounds like an ace travel partner. Glad you didn't get arrested babe!
Posted on: Nov 30, 2007
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Parma train station... home to tic…
Parma train station... home to ti…
Parmas square
Parma's square
On the way to do laundry...
On the way to do laundry...
Sea Bass:  What Im used to...
Sea Bass: What I'm used to...
...What I got.   :-(
...What I got. :-(
photo by: charleentjuh