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It was, more or less, the last day of our trip.  It felt so funny to have it be ending, and stranger still was the sense that we'd been gone a really long time already.

The following morning our plane would be taking off from the Venice Airport; so our goal for the day was to get back to Venice, and we had a train scheduled for 4:00 to get us there by about 7:10pm.

The morning was spent with Michelle packing, and I wandered out to hit an internet cafe for a few minutes.  We headed out early because we just thought it would be better to know we were there.

We stopped for lunch at the same restaurant that we'd had dinner in with the Couchsurfers.  I had a tomato salad that was really fabulous, and Michelle a garden salad.  We both had Spaghetti Carbonara, which was a new dish for me; it was strange to have spaghetti made from with bacon, eggs, cream and cheese.  I was nervous about it (plus the description sounded like a heart attack on a plate) but Michelle had eaten it the other night we had come, and highly recommended it.  I decided to give it a whirl.

I loved the dish, mostly I think because it was so warm, on such a cold afternoon.  I was really glad to have something solid before our long train ride.

Once we were done lunch, we headed across the street to the train station.  We hung out outside for a while, then headed in to find our train location.  I enjoy sitting outside; I like meeting the people, and the fresh air, and the ability to smoke.  Michelle just wanted to be warmer than that, so she headed inside to hang out there for an hour or so till closer to time for our train.

I don't have the energy at this moment to tell you all about the very dirty and smelly Italian bum you found me sitting by myself and decided we were meant for each other; perhaps later.

Finally, our train took off.  It was a beautiful ride away from Florence, and I kept thinking how much I had loved this trip; this trip that had been chosen for me, that I had thought ahead of time I wasn't that interested in.  I thought how Italy had not taken the easy route in making me love it; no, it had made me go thru illness, theft, etc.... and still I loved it.  It was a special, magical place that I would always like to return to.

We pulled into the Mestre train station, and found a cab to out hotel.  It was a joy to have a beautiful modern bathroom again.  We set the alarm for a horribly early time, and went to sleep.

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photo by: asturjimmy