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Not exactly the Ritz but it suited its task.
My first experience with Nevada was coming across the state border on Interstate 15.  As you come through the Mojave Desert in California you can see these large buildings as they seem to grow out of the sand into the bright blue sky.  In some ways reminded me of how the Rockies rise out of prairies in Alberta as you drive west from Calgary towards Banff. As I got closer I realized they were all either casinos or shopping centres.  I looked st my brand new map and saw that I was approaching Primm Nevada. 

Primm seemed to have gas stations, small casinos (though much larger then we have up here) outlets stores and a smallish roller coaster.  I am not a gambler (I know, I know why then go to Vegas) so I only stopped at the advertised Nevada tourist information center.
Wow a Casino! In Vegas? Who da thought it?
  Inside the ladies were very helpful and gave me good directions to a backpacking hostel on the edge of The Strip and then I was back on my way.

My accommodation on the other side of the city so I had to drive through Vegas on the freeway and it was completely gridlocked.  After what seemed to take forever I was at my hostel, which turned out to be a converted motel.  I had to be back in California the next evening so I quickly checked in parked the car a jump on one of the nicest city transit buses I ahve ever been on.  Even the driver was great as not only did he call of the cross streets and he mentioned the sites of interrest as we drove along.  He even had a good sense of humor as he even stopped briefly in front of one of the strip clubs so the "performers" could wave at us from the swing they were riding on.
Another one.
  I really enjoyed the ride but decided to start exploring on foot.

The heat was not as bad as the Mojave but still a bit much for me.  I would walk for 30 minutes then jump into a casino to cool off.  I must have looked strange though as I would wander around a casino, watch a few games, look at the sites and move on.  I did not gamble one dollar anywhere.  Really I do not understand the attraction to gambling.  I was amazed by how each casino was much different even though they are all selling the same service.  I also could not believe the size of the hotels, they are beyond huge. 

One day I will go back with someone with more time.  It took some time just to get my bearings of where things were located on the strip.  I realized there are many great shows and would have loved to see one of them but really did not have the time.  So I spent my time taking some photos and just basically people watching.

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Not exactly the Ritz but it suited…
Not exactly the Ritz but it suite…
Wow a Casino!  In Vegas?  Who da t…
Wow a Casino! In Vegas? Who da …
Another one.
Another one.
and one more
and one more
This stopped me in my tracks.  I m…
This stopped me in my tracks. I …
Standing on a overpass a looking a…
Standing on a overpass a looking …
Another overpass and more lights.
Another overpass and more lights.
Las Vegas
photo by: maka77