Mojave Desert. Man it is hot out here.

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Still with no plan I heading into the desert. Now keep in mind that I come from an area surrounded in water.  Vancouver has oceans, lakes, rivers, streams and ponds all over the place.  In fact we have so much water we do not have enough room for it so we try to pout some into the sky but it keeps falling down on our heads.  So to be heading into an area without any more moisture for me was a bit exciting.  In the back my head though I am wondering should I tell Dave I am taking his car for a bit of a torture test. 

I made a quick lunch break in Barstow and as soon as I got out of the car at a family diner I really could feel he heat.  It was already 41 degrees and it was still 11 in the morning, it felt like a furnace.
  I was sure glad that Dave's car did not have leather seats when I got back into the car after 30 minutes.  I could not stand it in there for more then a few seconds so I quickly started the car and cranked on the air con and went into the cooler (?) outside air.  Once the heat inside the car was manageable it was back onto the Interstate and into the heart of the desert.

The Mojave Desert was amazing.  I was amazed that anything grew in the dry sand and horrible heat.  In some ways the Mojave was beautiful even though the only colors I saw were brown and red.  I am so used to seeing about a dozen shades of green and blues when I look at the ground and trees so this was so much different.  I was also very surprised to see how rugged the desert was.
My very limited experience of deserts comes from TV and I was expecting flat expanses of sand with some cactus.  The Mojave Desert did have flat areas but in every directions I looked I saw large red hills or small mountains filling the horizon.

I spent a few hours wondering both on foot, but never too far from the car's air con, and on some side roads in the car.  The day was getting a bit late so I had to make a choice.  I could head back west for a bit of a long drive and go to exciting Van Nuys or I could keep going northeast to Las Vegas.  Never been to Vegas so why not.  I mean it might be a long time before I am in this region again so I better take advantage of it.

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photo by: fivepointpalm