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In the morning I head back southwest as I had a hockey game to attend that night in Anaheim.After following the Interstate for almost 3 hours I was getting bored and looked at my map.  I saw what looked like a simple route that would take me through some mountains out the other side and into Orange County with plenty of time to catch the game. 

I jumped off the freeway near a place called Apple Valley and followed route 18 into the mountains without any idea what I was going to see.  At one point I had to stop on the side of the highway as I saw a very strange rock formation. Not sure what type of rocks these were but they looked like a bunch of frozen buns and that had been fused together into a unorganized pile.
  After a few quick shots it was into the hills for me.

I followed a narrow switchback road up into a ski resort of Big Bear.  The resorts around Vancouver might still have snow in March but the hills in southern California are very dry and brown at this time of year.  Looked like a nice resort but I was starting to really clock watch as it was already afternoon and the game was in a matter of hours and I still had to deal with LA traffic.  It was a god thing I got lost and had to retrace my path a couple of times.

Finally out of the hills I find myself driving the an Interstate and trying to read a map while driving as fast as possible.  A few quick lane changes and freeway changes and I find myself close to the Honda Center.  Not really the side of the stadium I am suppose to meet my friend but close enough and I just park the car and run to the rink with minutes to spare.
  The smart thing would have been to pay more attention on where I parked but I was in a hurry.

After the game (by the way the Canucks won) and had to to wonder around until I found the street I parked.  I then discovered a new problem.  Dave's Toyota was missing the interior light.  this made reading the map while driving California freeways in the dark even more fun.  Anaheim Police had closed many street for pedestrian traffic so I ended up going east when I wanted to go west.  After getting turned around and headed back to Van Nuys I then discovered the exit that leads to Dave's home was closed for construction and I had to plan a new route.  Of course I got lost.  Being lost in Van Nuys at 1am is an experience I could have lived without.  Oh well I finally got to my friends home about 3 hours after him.  At this point I vowed to buy a portable GPS unit when I got home.  I even did it, but only after a few weeks after I had got lost near Microsoft's campus at about the same time of day.  I now do not leave home without my GPS unit.

So the reason to go to California was to watch hockey.  The hockey was good but most of the memories are not hockey related on this trip.  Just the way I like to travel.  Many unexpected things happened and I went to unplanned locations.  Many times I have found things while being lost a city I do not know.
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Apple Valley
photo by: bcbusdriver